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The chiropractors at Hamilton's Canadian Decompression & Pain Ctr are here to provide you with gentle and relaxing chiropractic methods. There are plenty of alternative options for beauty services, all of which are available to you at this chiropractor. Because we all could use a little tune-up, find the time to take care of your spine at Canadian Decompression & Pain Ctr.

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Alexander5 years ago

They tried pressuring me into buying a full procedure versus actually letting me try it out to see if I liked it. The people are horrible and groupon should never do business with them again.

Mel8 years ago

Ripped me off was just a sales gimmick to up sell me.

Katie8 years ago

She gives the impression she is a medical dr as she keeps referring to herself as a doctor. She has her doctorate in physical therapy. She is NOT a medical dr. Pushy and states she can cure all back pain, if you buy 10 more sessions at very high $$

Adriana9 years ago

It was really dirty. The staff didn't seem really qualified but they were really aggressive salespeople. I preferred losing my money than going back there.

Andria10 years ago

They were difficult to get a hold of despite messages left.

Johann10 years ago

worst experience, requested for a refund as they did nothing that they said in the Groupon

Mathew10 years ago

Overpriced. And they tell you the first visit that I probably will not see any results during the first three visits. On the first visit they are already trying to sell you more sessions. Very disappointed.

Rebecca10 years ago

I hafe to wait for over 20 mins past my scheduled appointment time to see the dr. Once in, I received a very quick superficial assessment and then the dr tried to up sell me a package of 10 treatments before even receiving treatment. When I declined that he then tried to sell me a different additional service. This money grab attempt felt sleazy and devalued the whole experience. On top of that the front desk service was very slow.

Barbara10 years ago

I have already sent in my negative comments. I will not return to thtat place. I would never recommend it to anyone else either.

Marc10 years ago

Only interested in doing their sells pitch to selling you a bunch of treatments without any prior diagnostice. Didn't listen to a word I said about my whiplash and did not even look at my X-ray and MRI reports I was showing to him. Not professional at all - just a salesperson.