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The technicians from Tri-Vesta Services swarm homes to perform a cornucopia of electrical-repair, home-remodeling, and disaster-cleanup services. Offering everything from mold inspection to pressure cleaning to remodeling, technicians restore homes to pristine condition after flooding, fires, or visits from rock-star relatives. Electrical inspections and repair work from NACHI–certified inspectors prevent future issues, and heating- and cooling-system services improve airflow in hot or cool months. Tri-Vesta's Five Star Ducts team also de-grimes air ducts and cleans dyer vents, which may help decrease energy bills.

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Ashley5 years ago

Poor job on cleaning. I went a bought a $80 carpet cleaner and that cleaned my carpet right up compared to the company.

Leslie6 years ago

Total ripoff. They cut a hole in my air conditioner unit to access a duct and didn't fix it! They also broke one of the ducts in my basement so now hot/cold air goes under my house instead if into it. One of the guys kept making creepy comments about my appearance. Never again.

Patricia8 years ago

When I previously had this done in my home the set-up was a truck with sophisticated system for vacuuming, pumping, capturing dust etc. this was a guy and a shop vac. He was incredibly nice but there should be clear desc option this is just a vacuum.

kelli8 years ago

Great service, nice, knowledgeable duct worker.

rebecca8 years ago

Just hear them out on what they recommend,they know their business, they are thorough and not at all pushy, will be using their services again!

Thomas8 years ago

Terry was very helpful and informative. He showed me optional services but didn't try to oversell them. Very good service experience. Thanks!

M8 years ago

Its a waste, they pull you in to try to buy more. Dont bother. Just go straight to your local dealer. The Independent contractor that came was very good.

Cathy8 years ago

Great service. Terry was very thorough and did a great job!

Theodore8 years ago

there are hidden fees that aren't mentioned on the actual groupon, the vent ducts are just 1 step in many process for your home, what I paid for $49, they want to charge me an additional $558 to get everything taken care

Yvonne8 years ago

They were great! They work fast and did an excellent job at cleaning our dryer vent. My dryer has never worked that well. Thank you