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Adventure Zipline Utah's tours and expeditions illuminate the beauty of Provo Canyon from riverbed to treetop. Zip lines send airborne tourists careening over tree and field, with mid- and high-speed courses all ending at wooden platforms manned by professional guides. In the valley, the Heber Valley Railroad winds through the glacier-carved canyon as riders snap pictures of Mt. Timpanogos.

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Janele5 years ago

We had an amazing time!!!!!

Erik7 years ago

Sooo fun! Great experience. Not scary at all like I thought it was going to be.

Elena7 years ago

Fantastic people and fantastic ride :-)

Taylor7 years ago

The zip line was impressive and a really fun experience

Celinda7 years ago

You can't take pictures while zipping but you can take pictures of the scenery

Hope7 years ago

If going in the fall, DEFINITELY wear warm clothes! This was so fun!

Bethany7 years ago

Super fun date!

curt7 years ago

I do not like how you have to stop yourself on your own Especially at night

Margaret7 years ago

Very fun! Great staff, multiple-line experience that is tons of fun

KIM7 years ago

Fun activity