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Whether you're planning a quick getaway or a long vacation, Key West Express in Marco Island has your name written all over it.

There's no need to play the parking game. There are plenty of open parking spaces in the area.

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c.8 years ago

I showed our two Groupon vouchers at Key Express on Jan. 28th, 2015 but I didn't know if they deducted those two plus we had to pay extra cost because those vouchers were expired last year. It was kinda confused. I told them at office that we would like to use those vouchers to redeem and I didn't know if they did. Key Express was fun. Carol

Elizabeth8 years ago

I wouldn't recommend the ferry for the return trip if you are prone to seasickness. Otherwise - it's great. Beats driving.

Leonard8 years ago

Get to port early to get best seats.

Sue9 years ago

relax and enjoy had a great time

marcia9 years ago

T efficient way to get a taste of Key West. The best option would be to stay overnight and catch the ferry back the next day.

Eileen9 years ago

Bring something to do as it is three hours. Bring a book or magazine.

William9 years ago

1st time out of Marco and surprised only took 3:20 port to port. Temp was perfect on boat. I remember one of the trips from Ft Myers freezing on boat with air turned too low. I would definitely go back out of Marco after this trip. Gives you about 5 hours in Key West if you do the single day trip which was perfect. You just miss the sunset.

Deborah9 years ago

If you get car sick or have motion sickness take something before going. If you have a group get there a little early to get seats together. Bring a sweatshirt if sitting inside. A/C very high in morning.

Ed9 years ago

Take your motion sickness meds,etc. for the trip as a precaution otherwise we enjoyed the trip

James9 years ago

Be sure to take Bonine if at all subject to motion sickness. Even with calmer seas there is a rolling motion. There are several tour trips to take on the island. I recommend the bus tour since you can get on and off at several places. The conch train tour has only 4 stops.