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3745 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407


Southpoint Community Acupuncture’s licensed acupuncturists take a communal approach to acupuncture. Instead of a single shirtless client lying face-down on a table with his or her back bristling with needles, Southpoint’s clients relax in recliners and heal with others in a community setting—an Asian tradition. Guests stay clothed the entire time, only rolling up their sleeves and pant legs. The acupuncturists then insert sterile, hair-thin needles at strategic points in the hands, feet, and arms to stimulate the body’s healing energies.

The main goal at Southpoint is to foster a sense of togetherness and create a place where individuals can relax and recoup with their community. The team at Southpoint can treat multiple patients at once and encourage people to come in as often as they need to heal.


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