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    Up to 56% Off Rentals from Windsong Charters & Boat Rentals
    New Port Richey
    $45 $20 0.0 miles
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    50% Off Inshore Gulf Fishing or Suwannee River Tour
    Multiple Locations
    $350 $175 2.5 miles
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    Up to 55% Off Classes at Flow Yoga
    Port Richey
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    Up to 47% Off to Pasco Paddlepalooza
    Port Richey
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    54% Off Roller-Hockey Lessons
    New Port Richey
    $150 $69 3.2 miles
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    Up to 80% Off Classes at Trinity Yoga Studio 
    New Port Richey
    $99 $29 3.5 miles
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    Up to 57% Off Membership to Suncoast MMA
    New Port Richey
    $85 $39 3.6 miles
4927 US Highway 19 New Port Richey, FL 34652


"We've got more canoes, kayaks and SUPs than fingers and toes to count them," Captain Wendy explains. "Also, two sailboats, eleven pontoons––all rentable. The funny thing is, this business came from a big accident." She's referring to the company’s inception in 2002, when a devastating hurricane led a friend to sign his company’s single sailboat over to Wendy and her husband, Bruce. "We were in marketing––then, suddenly, we were in boating." More than 12 years later, Windsong Charters & Boat Rentals has flourished under the duo’s stewardship. The company now performs 200 weddings each year and equips a wide range of patrons to revel in the breathless joy of cutting through playful zephyrs and out across the water. Wendy and Bruce encourage fishing and bringing pets on boating voyages, and the two share stories to delight guests or calm champagne bottles propped next to brand-new yachts. As propellers hum to life and paddles make a gentle kissing sound against the surf, visitors scan the horizon for the variety of wildlife that slips along just below the surf's surface or comes wheeling out of tufts of cumulonimbus. "I wish the animals would give us their schedules,” Wendy says, “but, on a given day, you could see manatees, dolphins, stingrays, and lots of birds."

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