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Doctor of Chiropractic Sham Mohammed has always had a way with gadgets. He handled advanced weapons while serving in the US Army as a sergeant in field artillery for six years. He now handles advanced cosmetic tools at Holistic Health. One such tool is the ultrasound-cavitation device, which uses low-frequency sound waves to trim unwanted flab from arms, legs, and stomachs. Another is TerraQuant quantum therapy, a noninvasive device that administers both pain relief and treats skin concerns such as acne with a combination of lasers, infrared energy, red light, and a magnetic field.

Amid all this high-tech gadgetry, Dr. Mohammed remains true to his holistic roots. He is a certified acupuncturist who has practiced in Europe and Africa; he realigns spines with traditional chiropractic work; and he always performs his treatments while holding a yoga pose.

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