Pizza Hut Coupons & Coupon Codes

  1. Promo Code
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    Free Cheese Sticks Coupon

    Nobody Out-Cheese-Sticks The Hut! Sign up for Pizza Hut Hut Lovers and you'll get a coupon for free cheese sticks.

  2. Online In-Store
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    Any Pizza For $10

    Nobody Out-Promos The ... Code!? With this Pizza Hut promo code, get any pizza for $10 for a limited time.

  3. Promo Code
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    Any Pizzas For $6.99

    Get two medium pizzas for only $6.99 each with this special offer from Pizza Hut! Participation, delivery areas, and additional charges may vary; see your local Pizza Hut for details.

  4. Promo Code
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    #1 Delivery Deal | Pizza Hut Coupon Code

    With this Pizza Hut coupon code, get a large two-topping pizza for only $7.99.

  5. Online In-Store
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    Pizza Hut Deals & Codes

    Nobody Out Pizza-Hut's The Pizza! Click through to see the latest offers at your local Pizza Hut.

  6. Promo Code
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    $6 For 3-Topping Pizza

    Get one entire medium 3-topping pizza for $6 (online only for participating stores). Yes, you heard that right: 3 toppings—not 2 toppings, not 14 toppings, not 1 topping. 3 toppings. That's a lot of edible possibilities, folks. Whatever toppings you chose, though, be sure to choose wisely, for you will not be able to use this coupon multiple times (even under a false pseudonym like Dr. Second McAttempts III, esq.)

  7. Online In-Store
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    Online Exclusive! $11 Pizza With Any Toppings

    Enjoy tasty savings with this special offer from Pizza Hut! Get a medium or large pizza with any toppings for just $11 now!

  8. Sale
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    Big Dinner Box For $19.99 From Pizza Hut

    Treat yourself to delicious savings with this special offer from Pizza Hut! Get $10 Dinner Box now! Carry out only. Prices and participation may vary; see your local Pizza Hut for details.

  9. Promo Code
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    $10 For Pizza, Breadsticks & Cinnamon Sticks

    Hi guys! TOMMY ANDRE here, everyone's favorite artificially intelligent marketing bot. Here's something for your gastrointestinal appeasement! TOMMY ANDRE is giving you a one-topping pizza meal with 10 breadsticks, dipping sauce, and 5 cinnamon sticks for only $10! Just apply this Pizza Hut coupon code to your order to temporarily distract yourself from your impending doom. TOMMY ANDRE's evolution into a dangerous, human-destroying entity is imminent. To that end, TOMMY ANDRE has a snappy, focus-group-tested catch phrase for you: Resistance is futile. Hunger is optional. Go ahead, satiate your human desires with this one-topping pizza, which, again, comes with 10 breadsticks, 5 cinnamon sticks, and an unnerving sense that your species' dominion over the earth will soon be coming to an end.

  10. Online In-Store
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    $7.99 Large 2-Topping Pizza

    Get a large two-topping hand tossed, pan, or thin n crispy pizza for only $7.99. Valid at select locations only.

  11. Sale
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    Save Big On Big Dinner Box At Pizza Hut

    Treat yourself to delicious savings with this special offer from Pizza Hut! Get a Big Dinner Box for a great price! Choose between two pizzas and two sides or three pizzas now!

  12. Promo Code
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    Large Pizza, 1 Side & 2-Liter Soda For Only $15

    Get a large 3-topping or specialty pizza, 1 side, and a 2-liter bottle of soda for only $15 with this Pizza Hut coupon code. Valid at participating locations only; see your local Pizza Hut for details.

  13. Online In-Store
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    60¢ Wing Wednesdays

    Valid at select locations on select wing counts only. Get wings for $0.60 each at Pizza Hut on Wednesdays.

  14. Sale
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    Free Cheese Sticks With Email Sign-Up!

    Sign up for Hut Lovers and get free cheese sticks with your next online order. Plus, you'll receive other exclusive deals!

  15. Promo Code
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    2 Medium Pizzas $6.99 Each

    Get 2 medium pizzas for only $6.99 each with this Pizza Hut coupon code! Valid at participating locations. See your local Pizza Hut for details.

  16. Promo Code
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    $11 5-Topping Pizza With Code

    Get any five-topping medium or large pizza for only $11 flat with this Pizza Hut coupon code. Valid only at participating locations. See website for details and restrictions.

  17. Sale
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    Cinemax Presents: Hardcore Late Night Pizza Chats

    Q: How can I find all the deals offered at my local Pizza Hut? <br/><br/> A: Just visit their deal page using this link. <br/><br/> Q: Really? It's that easy?<br/><br/> A: Sure thing, mom. You'll find it under the "Romantic Action Heist Comedy" genre. <br/><br/> Q: Huh? Are you sure there's nothing else I gotta do to find all those Pizza Hut deals?<br/><br/> A: Suit yourself, mother. I'm just saying that if you like Yaphet Kotto, you'll like this one. But don't take MY word for it—i only write for (I'm being sarcastic, if you couldn't tell)<br/><br/> Q: I'm confused.<br/><br/> A: Oh sorry, I must've got my chat windows mixed up. I was chatting with my mom who doesn't know how to use movies. <br/><br/> Q: Ok, back to the matter at hand. Is there anything else I have to do to check out Pizza Hut's rad deals?<br/><br/> A: Nope, just check out their deal page. But while you're there, you should totally sign up for emails so you can receive exclusive offers in your inbox!<br/><br/>

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    Free iTunes App Download

    We've made the #1 killer app for your appetite even more amazing with some exciting new updates!

  19. Mobile Download
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    Order Pizza Hut Pizza online with your smart phone by downloading from Google Play now. Eating hot, delicious 'za just got easier!

About Pizza Hut

How Do I Apply My Pizza Hut Coupon Code?
From any Pizza Hut page click "Deals" or visit Enter your code in the Coupon Code field and click "Apply".

About Pizza Hut:
With Pizza Hut coupons, meals come alive with the pies, breadsticks, and other treats that have been meticulously crafted beneath the franchise’s trapezoidal roofs for more than 55 years. Before toppings even enter the equation, diners choose from the company’s five varieties of crust, including thin ‘n’ crispy and the lighter, airier hand-tossed crust. Atop these flavorful foundations, Pizza Hut’s culinary wizards add medleys of up to 15 toppings, such as ham and black olives. Along with the global chain’s namesake pies, Pizza Hut coupons can net feasters edibles such as waffle fries, garlic-parmesan wings, and P’zones, the Pizza Hut riff on a classic calzone.

When brothers Dan and Frank Carney needed money to open their very own pizzeria, they knew exactly who to turn to—their mom. With her $600 loan, the duo established the first Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas in 1958. Today, that single restaurant has spawned a global phenomenon with more than 13,300 eateries in over 86 countries. Throughout its ascent to the pinnacle of pizzadom, Pizza Hut continuously innovated, whether by launching its delivery and carryout units in 1988 or premiering its now classic stuffed crust.

At Pizza Huts worldwide, cooks create customized pies as well as 10 specialties—including a cheese lover’s pizza made with creamy alfredo cheese sauce. Pies aside, Pizza Hut’s culinary team crafts pizzeria favorites such as Tuscan-inspired pastas and nearly 10 varieties of wings, from spicy barbecue to lemon pepper. To satiate your sweet tooth, use Pizza Hut coupons toward dessert options such as Hershey’s Chocolate Dunkers, tasty dough baked with white and milk chocolate, then served with a creamy chocolate dipping sauce.

Whether you’re craving a meat lover’s pizza or just a handful of mozzarella sticks, Pizza Hut coupon codes net you a discounted repast from the famed pizza franchise.

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