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Portland Clinic of Holistic Health offers the finest in alternative medicine. Curious about acupuncture? Try a professional service at this clinic and reap the benefits. The luxurious services offered are available by walk-in appointments. Stop by today! Portland Clinic of Holistic Health's doctors use alternative methods to help their patients find the comfort they need. Schedule an appointment today.

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Dawn3 years ago

Looking forward to seeing my results. The doctor and staff were very nice and knowledgeable.

Linda3 years ago

The time, concern, understanding and care that Dr. Reiter shared with me was wonderful. He answered my questions thoroughly and gave clear explanations. His gentle, sincere manner of interacting with me was comfortable and reassuring. I look forward to working with him in the future for optimum health as I enter my 70's.

DeAnn3 years ago

The doctor was very thorough and spent the time to explain everything that he was doing. He listened to my issues and developed a workable plan. I’m very pleased with the services.

Angela3 years ago

Between the 2 appointments, I spent a total of 2 and a half hours listening to why this is better than Western medicine and how the government is in control of everything. My plan was not personalized as it was exactly the same as my friend who referred me and also included my main problem to be milk and dairy and I need to eliminate it...i told them I was vegan several times ...$$$$

Ann3 years ago

Very thorough and on time. The office experience was friendly and I look forward to working with them on keeping me at optimal health.

Erica3 years ago

Had a wonderful first experience here. Can't wait to return to hear about my results!

Darrien3 years ago

Great consultation, looking forward to getting my lab work results to determine a course of action to my overall health.

Maynard4 years ago

Excellent care. Best experience I've ever had in a medical office.

Elizabeth4 years ago

Dr Blake and his team are the BEST! I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for finding them. During my treatment I passed a kidney stone. Dr Blake pushes it through with zero pain other then when he touches it to ask me if that’s it. Seriously? Western medicine drugs you and makes you suffer for weeks or performs surgery but Dr Blake milked that stone through within 5 minutes! No pain!

Mary4 years ago

This was a very positive experience. The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained everything well of what to expect in future appointments and treatments. I’m looking forward to hearing what they can do to improve my health.