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The Instructors

Instructors are certified by the NRA and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. As further evidence of their skills, they wrote a companion book for their concealed-handgun-license students and are both "Refuse to be a victim" and hunter's safety instructors. Fingerprinting is done and photos for the Utah and Arizona permits.

At a Glance

Oregon Concealed's instructors teach the class required to apply for a concealed handgun license in Utah, Oregon, and Arizona. Taking care to address every aspect of the process, they give out certifications for concealed-carry-license applications in Oregon and take photos and fingerprints of students taking a non-resident course for Utah or Arizona. They also review applications to ensure a smooth application process. The photo and fingerprinting for Oregon are done at the sheriff office during application. To round out their course offerings, they teach private handgun safety classes and accuracy classes.

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J.3 years ago

I would like to say this was a decent course had it not been for the lack of customer service I experienced after the class. Unfortunately I tried to communicate to this outfit and I was basicly strung along with no results

Bobbi4 years ago

Thanks for offering local class

Scott4 years ago

Great class and learned a lot

Erika5 years ago

Great course, learned a lot. Quick and to the point. Walk you through each step of applying for your license. Only problem was finding the place because the address does not match what's on Groupon. Called Linda 5 minutes before the clad started though and she helped me out immediately.

Jerod5 years ago

good instruction and advice.

Kim5 years ago

Great class! Instructor was super funny and you'll learn alot!. Highly recommend it :)

Linda6 years ago

I never got to use my groupon at all. I called and called to get scheduled. They were suppose to call me back. I left multiple messages and it's been over three years and nothing happened.

Alysha8 years ago

They are an excellent family run business. Very experienced and friendly. Enjoyed the class and learned more than I thought I would. I watched the online course which was good but the onsite class is well worth the time. Would surely recommend them.

Terry8 years ago

Good class

Richard9 years ago

Great class