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560 East 400 North Street Provo, UT 84606


The passionate trio of guides at Open Water Fishing isn't content to compete with the swarms of amateur anglers vying for fish on the state's most popular waters. Instead, the team takes heed of their motto, "the fishing is best where fewest go." To that end, they gather up bait, tackle, and eager patrons at their home base in Provo and travel to five less-trodden rivers throughout Utah. During excursions, they'll show fishermen of all levels how to snare wild cutthroat trout on Upper Fish Creek, brown trout at Diamond Fork, or rainbow trout on Strawberry River. The guides practice catch-and-release, frowning upon the more popular catch-and-send-as-a-jury-duty-stand-in. They also provide snacks and drinks on every trip.


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