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Sujana Beauty & Brows provides professional beauty services in the Rochester area. Specializing in hair removal sessions such as waxing and threading, it helps get hair-free, smooth, and soft skin. What is more, the salon technicians beautify clients' faces with safe and customized eyelash extensions designed to frame the eyes and achieve a comfortable, yet dense look.

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Jonna2 years ago

I had my underarms waxed. I would not recommend going to this salon for that service. First of all, when I went into the back room, she didn't wipe down the table before I laid on it, even though she was charging a $3 sanitization fee on top of what I'd already paid for my Groupon. I also told her that I was wearing deodorant and so I wanted to wash it off and I asked if she had any way to do that, like soap and water. She told me she would wipe my underarms. She used a dry paper towel to wipe my pits and that was it. I would have preferred to have used soap and water. When I was laying down, she was considerate about making sure that the wax wasn't too hot. However, it seems like my hair wasn't long enough and possibly there was deodorant in the way because she kept having to apply more and rip it. She was very thorough and even did some threading to get the smaller hairs that hadn't come up from the wax process. But it's been two days since I received the treatment and my underarms are now red, burned, and inflamed and starting to get dry and scally. Don't get your underarms waxed here.

Maxine2 years ago

very nice

Travita2 years ago

Service was awesome !

Dina3 years ago

Fast and perfect!

Christina3 years ago

Very good customer service. She was very patient and the results were great.

Susan3 years ago

Very happy with their threading

Kristen3 years ago

Excellent experience as usual.

Alison3 years ago

Great service!!

Suzanne3 years ago

Clean, prompt and professional! Will recommend to friends, and I will be a return customer!

martha3 years ago

All good!!