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Araceli and Eduardo Marin founded El Mana Bakery & Cafe, a bakery and pastry shop that specializes in Mexican–style treats and gourmet cupcakes. Azure frosting swirls atop Blue Sky cupcakes, making red velvet and fuchsia cupcakes blush with jealousy. Bakers decorate Piggy cupcakes to resemble the barnyard animal, expertly stenciling a pink snout and two triangular ears on each dessert's crest. With a towering peak of cocoa-infused icing and a chocolate curl speared through its center, each Chocolate Lover cupcake incorporates a blast of addictive flavor. Customers can choose from more than 10 cupcake varieties when composing their 12-pack and should call or dispatch a carrier pigeon 48 hours in advance to place their order.