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For chiropractic services that go beyond relieving back pain, head to Sawyer Chiropractic Group in Santa Cruz, CA. Ease stress and joint pain with one of Sawyer Chiropractic Group's signature massages, such as deep tissue and Swedish massage.

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Report | 2 years ago
Great service friendly staff
Report | 2 years ago
Wasn’t impressed . They never even reviewed the xrays really fast exam and the 60 minute massage was 50 minutes because they couldn’t the time from when you arrive at the office. Dr was reallyvreallyvfast and sees anout 6 patients an hour.
Report | 3 years ago
Great chiropractor. Fixed my terrible back. :)
Report | 4 years ago
The massage from Jen was amazing! She was super knowledgeable, very attuned to the things my body was needing, and I had such a pleasant experience with her. I 100% would go again to see Jen. The reason I am leaving a 3-star review is because of the other experience I had with Dr. Sawyer and employees at Sawyer chiropractic. They were all very kind people but I feel I have to speak up about being mislead by this kind of practice. I initially went to a "consultation appointment" with the chiropractic team where I told them about my chief complaint, associated symptoms, etc etc. The entire time the woman doing the consultation was forcing me to place an ultimatum on my symptoms. "Is it your wrist that really hurts? Or is it actually your back?" That kind of question leading should have tipped me off but I went along with the rest of the appointment. They took me to get an "X-ray" and we scheduled an appointment for the following week. The next week came around and I had my AMAZING massage, when I went in for my consultation (at which they requested my partner to accompany me) they told me, lo and behold, I had the mysterious phenomenon known as Phase 1 subluxation. Not much else was said to me by Dr. Sawyer and the "Financial Advisor" came right in to give me a recommendation of a YEAR'S worth of chiropractic manipulation at a whopping $6,000. I believe it was around 70 adjustments. They also "threw" in as an added bonus nutrition and health classes that my partner could attend as well. But, of course, since this is not actually a professional medical practice they decided to give me the "Special Price!" of $3,000, with an "eligibility" to be put on financial aid and a payment plan. Needless to say, I broke down in tears at the expenses and felt desperate at the time since I was in pain. Thank goodness for my partner by my side who smelled something fishy. We went into another room so I could be adjusted and I noticed on the wall that Dr. Sawyer is a staunch anti-vaxxer. Second red flag warning. Dr. Sawyer came in and gave me an adjustment and I (being in the medical field, albeit as an EMT) began to ask him questions surrounding subluxation and what research articles and case studies I could have access to, in order to corroborate the success of the $3,000+ treatment plan they were proposing. He pointed to his wall, where there were patient anecdotes dated as far back as the early 2000's and said to me "These are my case studies!" He also was quick to 'compliment' my questions while swiftly avoiding any sort of concrete answers. At the end of the day, they kept hounding me to begin my "treatment" and I told them I would not begin treatment or make an appointment until I received case studies or research articles which indicated the treatment plan they were proposing actually treated "subluxation" successfully. Of course, I received a call from Dr. Sawyer the next day urging me to make my appointment, but never received as much as a word from their office as to any resources I could go to for evidence which supported their #1 diagnoses for patients. After a good bit of time of my own research, I've discovered that not only do a majority of chiropractors NOT subscribe to the condition known as "chiropractic subluxation" (which is different than "orthopedic subluxation", an acute condition), but also the entire gimmick they pulled with bringing my partner in with me is a long-time, well-known scam. Here is an advice article from a chiropractor back in 2002 who describes the process: And a quote: "The evaluation and treatment program you have described is typical of the scare tactics and misinformation used by some chiropractors who exploit their patients by treating imaginary subluxations and harmless spinal curvatures. I am angered when I hear of chiropractors using such methods. And I am saddened that persons seeking health advice and relief from pain become victims of unethical practitioners who attempt to brainwash every member of the family into becoming a lifelong chiropractic patient. I wish everyone could read your letter and use it as a guide in avoiding this type of chiropractor. A "new patient evaluation" that requires an x-ray exam of every portion of the spine is the first clue of what is to follow. A "report of findings" requiring the presence of the husband or wife or a parent, the use of videos and mandatory "health classes" to explain the chiropractic subluxation, and a proposed long-term treatment program are signals to cancel further appointments. Chiropractors who use this type of salesmanship always find "subluxations" and/or abnormal spinal curves and recommend months of chiropractic adjustments and years of "preventive maintenance."" I am floored by the shamelessness on the behalf of this practice to subscribe to this treatment. I of course, am still a believer in chiropractic services, as I later on went to a chiropractor who relieved my wrist and back issues with Trigger point therapy. I highly recommend it to those who are having issues and who regularly work at a desk or on a computer. As for the phenomenon of "subluxation", here is an article below, with 15 references to actual research done by chiropractors about the disease they call "subluxation", about spinal manipulation, and the future of chiropractic services: I have no doubt that Sawyer chiropractic group has done great things for patients and improved the lives of others. However I cannot sit and allow other people to be duped by this disease they call "subluxation". This is not a condition that exists chronically and there is no evidence that spinal manipulation for subluxation cures all of these medical problems they propose. Mirtz TA, Morgan L, Wyatt LH, Greene L. An epidemiological examination of the subluxation construct using Hill’s criteria of causation. Chiropractic & Osteopathy. 2009;17:13. (Accessed August 24, 2010). Please, do your research about what is going on with your body. Listen to your intuition. I do not want anyone paying for a treatment that will not work and must put it my two cents. I have no doubt that Dr. Sawyer and his chiropractic group work very hard to get up to date on all the information surrounding the treatment and diagnosis of their patients, and I hope this inspires them to post some clinical evidence of subluxation.
Report | 5 years ago
Such a professional and knowledgeable group of staff; you can really feel how much everyone here cares about their clients and wants to heal. I left feeling SO alleviated from my neck pain and already set my appointment to go back for a consultation so as to receive more regular care
Report | 5 years ago
Wonderfully therapeutic massage from Jen. She is very knowledgeable and a lovely person. Definitely plan to return. No problem getting an appointment and friendly, efficient staff.
Report | 5 years ago
only went in for massage, but the place had a good vibe, friendly and professional, and the m. therapist was SUPER: intuitive, strong,experienced.
Report | 5 years ago
Very good experience with doctor and staff.
Report | 5 years ago
Dr. Sawyer knows what he's doing and gave me some much needed relief for my back! I am continuing to see him as a patient.
Report | 5 years ago
Outstanding massage - one of the best I've ever had. Definitely going back.

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Santa Cruz's Sawyer Chiropractic Group is here to help you overcome muscle and joint pain. Feel your troubles drift away as you enjoy the different specialty massages at this chiropractor like deep tissue and Swedish massage. Tired of hunting for places that offer alternative treatments? Head to this chiropractor for services like reflexology and reiki. To ensure availability of its staff, this chiropractor asks its clients to book appointments in advance. Straighten things out (literally) with a few trips to Sawyer Chiropractic Group, and say goodbye to chronic back pain.

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