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Is your vehicle ready for the road ahead? Keep it running like new with proper servicing and care from Fixcarnow in Santa Monica.

You'll thank Fixcarnow for its quality automotive repair shop in Santa Monica for their tremendous helpfulness and willingness to save you money where it counts.

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sofia9 years ago

I would like a card for my remaining 2 oil changes

Jennifer10 years ago

First, they stripped the lug nuts on my tire rims while doing a tire rotation and didn't tell me. Second, when they replaced my spark plugs they did the wiring wrong so that the wiring melted. When I took it back to them to get it fixed (under warranty), they dented the rear passenger side of the car and would only fix it for an additional $250. They "fixed" the spark plug wiring wrong again, and I had get a different mechanic to fix it while on a road trip. Lastly, they wired my ABS brakes wrong so that the sensor wires frayed.

Linda10 years ago


Pamela10 years ago

Todd and Cricket were great, taking time to let me know what was going on with my car, thank you both.

Terrence10 years ago

I recommend them to all my friends and family who are in need of car service.

Brett10 years ago

Don't spring an extra service fee- just include it in the groupon price. It seemed a little strange that this was an added expense and then there was no change... just seemed a little off to me and gave me a weird vibe about the place

FREDERICK11 years ago

Personable, professional, fast, friendly & honest service. A great shop.

Scott11 years ago

Great service, great staff, great people.

Penelope11 years ago


Jennifer11 years ago

You guys are awesome!