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    Half Off Boxing
    Scotts Valley
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    71%  Off at Ananda Yoga Scotts Valley
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    Up to 78% Off Yoga Classes
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    Up to 92% Off at Santa Cruz Power Fitness
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    Up to 70% Off Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Fitness Kickboxing
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    Up to 76% Off Yoga Classes
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    Up to 83% Off Fitness Classes
    Santa Cruz
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7 Camp Evers Ln. Scotts Valley, CA 95066


At age 21, the otherwise healthy and fit Nicole Gaitan started to suffer from unexplained seizures. After consulting numerous medical professionals and conducting her own research, Nicole began to understand the powerful role that nutrition and fitness play in overall health, and she embarked on a nutritional program that ended her seizures completely.

For the next six years, Nicole dedicated her newfound knowledge to helping others improve their health, completing certifications in both nutrition and personal training. Today, she owns and operates One to One Health, where a staff of professional instructors joins her in offering personal-training sessions, boot-camp classes, and yoga. The trainers eschew rows of cardio machines in favor of functional-training equipment, filling the cheerful, sunlit studio with yoga mats and free weights. In addition to fitness classes, the staff offers private nutrition consultations and guided grocery trips, during which they counsel students on common shopping pitfalls such as buying sugary cereals or sticks of butter with secret bacon centers.


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