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In comic books, sightings of masked and caped individuals mean someone is about to get rescued. Sightings of these people at The Super Run 5K and 10K races are no different, except the beneficiaries of these mysterious masks are charities in need of funds. The Super Run partners with nonprofit organizations across the country to host costumed events that raise funds and awareness for each charity’s cause. Charity runs take place from coast to coast, including Seattle, Atlanta, and Gotham City.

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CRYSTAL2 years ago

RIPOFF> unable to redeem, code not recognized, the website said the run is no longer taking registrations, went to 2 other similar named runs under "Super Run" both refused the code. The mobile app would not allow you to take you to the run to register either. NOT RECOMMENDED. And you cannot trade in.

Christina2 years ago

Haven’t received my swag yet! Also couldn’t locate the voucher it was hidden. Had to reach out the customer service as a few other friends had to as well. I also bought 2 Groupons for 4 total entries. Only showed as 1 voucher 1 entry. No one from Groupon nor from the run hasn’t even responded.

Josh3 years ago

It’s a self starting/self guided run. There are no staff for the run itself. They email you a map of the course that you have to print from the website and they mail your medal and cape prior to the run. Then you show up at the date/time of the run and just run or walk. I would have just rather ran the 5k around my house then drive all the way to Tampa for a self-guides run. Super lame

Gretchen3 years ago

Poor communication. Did not receive any of our correct items.

Jan3 years ago

This is a scam. I paid for my daughter and I to run a 5k thinking it would be cute for her first race but then I read that there is no course, no staff, nothing. You are paying for a cape, a bib and a medal but then need to just run your own 5k. It sounds like it’s for charity...ok but it really seems like a a scam to sell you a cheap cape and medal for way more than one should pay.

Brandi3 years ago

I ordered myself and my sons race packet the same day. Mine came but my sons did not. I called and emailed and did not get a response. We never did the race because it was over an hour away and I didn’t want to drive there without his race packet.

Charisse3 years ago

I wasn't even sure if I was at the right place when I arrived. There were no signs or balloons, no music..Nothing! The only way I figured I was in the right place was because I saw a couple of people gathered with the capes on. I should have known something was little off when I received my medal, bib and cape through the mail. I've done the Super Run before and it was totally hyped with pre-warmups, music, etc. Won't be doing this race again if this is what it has come to.👎🏽

Sommer3 years ago

This run was the WORST run I’ve ever done! It was not staffed, which they do mention on their scammy looking website, except by two volunteers. The race had no marked start/finish, no route marked except for a few pieces of duct tape, no water, no music, no activities. Nothing. It was NOT AS ADVERTISED. Everyone that showed up was very confused and disappointed. Honestly, I want my money back.

Beth3 years ago

It was canceled and they took our money. I want my money back.

Shecki3 years ago

Not timed, disorg