Blitzkrieg Paintball

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802 E Bearss Ave Tampa, FL 33613


Within the tight-quartered confines of the two outdoor speedball fields, paintballers duck and dive behind inflatable obstacles and blanket the opposition in one of 10 different paints such as Marballizer. When players desire a more methodical game, they advance on BlitZkrieg's three woodsball fields. During woodsball play, teams slink through narrow paths lined with dense green shrubbery, using trees for cover. Amid the jungle-like environment, combatants chuck paint grenades at distant enemies and plant paint mines in strategic locations that explode in geysers of pigment. Once everyone's clothing is coated in abstract art, teams can come to a truce over pizza, philly cheesesteaks, hotdogs, and the fact that everyone's veins pumps the same blue paint.

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