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With an hour on the clock, the players at Escapology are in a race against time. They have just 60 minutes to find their way out, but luckily for them, the key to the escape is hidden somewhere in the room. Participants have to find clues, solve puzzles, and maybe pick a lock or two to escape before the clock strikes zero.

  • Mansion Murder: Scottish Highlands, December 31, 1999: at the Kildermorie Estate. The player takes on the role of the heir to their grandfather's wealth. When grandfather is found murdered, all eyes look onto them. In order to prove one's innocence, the true killer must be found
  • Cuban Crisis: Gerard 'Gerry' Droller, a CIA Field Operative reports directly to the president of the United States. His mission is to stop nuclear war from erupting by infiltrating Fidel Castro's palace and solve the mystery of a shot down U.S. plane.
  • Budapest Express: While traveling onboard the trans-European Budapest Express with a famous French detective, a murder is discovered. The clock is ticking—within an hour the train will arrive at the next station and stop—if the killer is not apprehended by then, they will escape and the mystery will remain unsolved forever.
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Bibi10 months ago

Kids had fun . Details of the room were very impressive

Ponch1 year ago

Very enjoyable, a must try experience.

Rochelle1 year ago

The room was fun. The staff was great!

Shilo1 year ago

Excellent! It was so much fun!

Michelle1 year ago

Lots of fun, clean rooms, friendly and helpful employees!

Jennifer1 year ago

Great escape room, really fun. Great host too, although they are obviously trained to do a fairly lengthy upsell pitch (trying to get you to do another room the same night, offering “limited time” discounts on T-shirts) at the end of your 60 minutes. That mild irritation aside, would definitely do another escape room here!

Kerry1 year ago

Our family had an awesome time. Can’t wait to go again!

Karen2 years ago

We had such a great time! We chose the easiest since this was our first and we solved it with no problems. We are looking forward to doing this again with harder rooms.

Kathy2 years ago

So much fun for a family competition

April2 years ago

We went to Escapology for my 3 younger sons birthdays - who by the way are grown men. The 7 of us had a great time - once you start figuring things out it gets to be very intriguing! We decided on the Budapest Express. The staff were very helpful. We made it out in time (although, 1 of the boys, without mentioning any names, was getting hints without the rest of us knowing it, lol)! Great fun!