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6-Mode Santa Medical Electronic Pulse Massager

Electronic massager treats muscle pain and numbness with high-frequency stimulation sent through four pads

$59.95 $23.99

Massage Gel Insoles

These gel insoles make long walks more comfortable thanks to their shock-absorbing design; can be trimmed to fit any shoe size


GoFit Travel Size Foam Roller with Massage Ball

Portable foam roller helps amplify the results of crunches and other exercises, while also aiding in stretches or relaxing self-massage

$34.99 $24.99

Shiatsu Back Care Massager

Cushioned back massager plugs into AC sockets and car outlets; deep kneading treatment, four massage nodes, and optional heat setting

$200 $49.99

Collapsible Exercise Hula Hoop with Massagers

Slim your waist and strenghten your core with this exercise hula hoop, made up of 8 pieces that are easy to assemble and take apart

$49.99 $24.99

ComfaGel Massaging-Gel Heel Cushions

Soft, hypoallergenic heel cups fit inside most shoes to help absorb shock & support insoles, creating a more comfortable walking experience

$28.95 $8.99

Six-Pack of Colgate Massaging Toothbrushes

Soft, multi-height bristles massage gums while expunging plaque and residue from hard-to-reach places; flexible head adapts to teeth

$17.94 $12.99

Up to 65% Infrared Body Wrap Packages

Magic Touch Beauty Salon & Spa


Toasty infrared heat increases circulation, promotes detoxification through perspiration, and encourages slimming

$100 $45

Pet + Me Silicone Dog-Cleaning and Massage Brush

Flexible, non-toxic silicone brush helps remove loose fur, dandruff and allergens and can be used just about anywhere on pets

$22 $12.99

Pinook Stimulating and Vibrating Head Massager

Head massager relieves stress, increases circulation, and releases endorphins by stimulation 14 acupressure points

$29.99 $14.99

Weider Massage Roller Bundle

Foam rollers and rolling stick to relieve muscle and joint soreness

$34.99 $28.99

Massera Morr Handheld Multi-Speed Professional Massager

Multi-speed handheld massager uses three interchangeable heads to increase blood flow and relieve pain with relaxing sensations

$49.99 $29.99

Pet + Me Cat Cleaning and Massage Brushes

Flexible, non-toxic silicone cat brushes remove loose hair, sebum and dandruff for a softer, shinier coat; for long or short fur

$24.99 $12.99

62% Off Wellness Coaching

E-motion Sports Massage and Wellness

Boston Spine Clinic, East Somerville

Wellness coaches help clients figure out how to improve their health and fitness

$300 $115

HoMedics Back Charger Massage Mat

This body massager rolls out on the floor or couch to provide an invigorating dual-zone massage, featuring two speeds and optional heat

$39.99 $29.99

Jade Shiatsu Kneading Massage Cushion

Electronic cushion massager uses jade stones, two speeds and deep-tissue action to deliver all-over kneads or spot-treat specific areas

$89.99 $59.99

Deluxe Spa Basket

Deluxe spa basket pampers with exfoliating pumice stones, mesh body sponges, and sisal pads, as well as head and body massagers and brushes

$17.99 $12.99

iComfort Therapeutic Massage Chair

Built to relieve stress and tension, this massage chair features six different modes; connect MP3 player to built-in amplifier as you relax

$2,795.95 $1,999.99

Tens Pulse Massager

Tens Pulse Massager

$185.99 $32.95

Electronic Hand Stimulator and Massager

Electronic Hand Stimulator and Massager

$63.95 $23.95

Smart Relief Massage Workout Belt + 3 Jumbo Pads

Smart Relief Massage Workout Belt + 3 Jumbo Pads

$69.99 $21.99

Smart Relief Ultimate Massager

Smart Relief Ultimate Massager

$349.99 $44.99

8 Mode Digital Pulse Massager Full Body Therapy

8 Mode Digital Pulse Massager Full Body Therapy

$200 $32.99

Egg Vibrator / Personal Massager - Batteries Included!

Egg Vibrator / Personal Massager - Batteries Included!

$17.25 $8.99