Hybrid Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, 6, or 6 Plus

Dual-layer cell-phone case has a hard outer shell to protect against scratches, and a soft inner layer to cushion your phone against drops

$29.99 $4.99

LifeProof Waterproof Cases for iPhone 5/5S

Without adding much bulk, these waterproof cell phone cases protect from drops, dust, snow, and more

$79.99 $34.99

Waloo Light-Up Protective Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, or 6 Plus

These cell-phone cases’ LED bumpers light up during calls, texts, and emails, and their dual-layer design keeps devices safe from scratches

$39.99 $8.99

OtterBox Preserver Waterproof Case

Cell-phone case protects every surface of your smartphone from water and dust, and its internal foam cushioning absorbs drop impact

$89.95 $27.99

OtterBox Defender Series Case for Apple iPhone 5/5S

Rugged, shock-absorbent synthetic rubber case for iPhone 5/5S helps your phone withstand drops, bumps, and scrapes

$59.95 $14.99

Waloo Gold Rugged Soft and Hard Case for iPhone 6, 5/5s and 5C

Protect iPhones from drops and scuffs with this two-piece case, which blends a soft inner layer with a resilient hard outer shell

$29.99 $9.99

Urge Basics iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 Extended Battery Cases

Engineered from high-grade, durable materials, these cell phone cases protect and charge iPhones at the same time

$39.99 $14.99

Hybrid Rugged Case for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, 6, or Galaxy S5

Cell-phone case’s hard outer layer protects your smartphone from scratches, and a soft inner layer absorbs shock from drops

$29.99 $6.99

Wallet with Removable Case for Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and 5/5s

Faux-leather wallet cases that combine the convenience of having essentials in one spot and the ability to detach the phone in its case

$34.99 $9.99

OtterBox Reflex Case for iPhone 5/5S

Rugged OtterBox case has reinforced corners and a screen protector to help prevent unsightly cracks and scratches

$34.95 $9.99

Bumper Case for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5C, 6, or Samsung Galaxy S5

Keep your phone free of dents and scratches with this durable bumper case, which guards the edges and back without adding too much bulk

$24.99 $5.99

Aduro Impact Shield Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, 6 Plus, or Galaxy...

Multilayer cell-phone case combines a hard outer shell and cushioned interior to protect your smartphone from scratches, scuffs, and drops

$29.99 $6.99

OtterBox Reflex or Commuter Series Cases for iPhone 5/5S

Lightweight, yet tough cases designed to protect phones by absorbing impact from drops and guarding screens from scratches

$29.99 $8.99

IPM Notification Case for Smartphones

Unique phone case lights up with notifications, calls, texts, and alarms and can be used to add light to photos for a higher quality picture

$30 $9.99

Lunatik Taktik Extreme Case for iPhone 5S

Tough iPhone 5S case uses Gorilla Glass and a 9mm impact truss to protect phones from water, dust, drops, and scratches

$124.95 $27.99

3DLuxe Dual-Layer Gold Case for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or 5/5s

Hybrid, dual-layer case has a durable TPU inner layer and a custom-molded polycarbonate shell for added protection

$27.95 $9.99

Anchor and Chevron Wallet Cases for iPhone 5/5S/5C or Samsung...

Nautical designs grace these wallet-style cell-phone cases, with wrist carry straps and card slots for ID, transit, or credit cards and more

$47.95 $6.99

Custom Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, or 6 Plus

Cell phone case adds personality to your iPhone with colorful images of loved ones or scenic landscapes

$29.99 $7.99

Hybrid Mesh Case for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, or Galaxy...

Cell-phone case’s hard outer layer deflects scratches, and its soft inner layer absorbs shock to prevent damage from drops

$24.99 $8.99

OtterBox Commuter 3D Case for iPhone 5/5S

Sturdy case protects your iPhone from drops, scratches, and dust; unique three-dimensional pattern provides additional grip

$39.95 $11.99

Prolix Apple-Certified Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

Slimline Apple-certified phone case has a built-in 2,400mAh battery that will double the life of an iPhone 5/5s

$39.99 $14.99

Gear Beast GearJelly Flexible Case for iPhone 5/5s or 6, or Galaxy...

Colorful cell-phone case helps prevent screen damage thanks to a raised bezel, and a soft finish enhances grip for texting and taking photos

$19.99 $6.99

uNu Reveal Apple-Certified 2,400mAh Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s/5c

Cell-phone case’s transparent bumpers show off the iPhone’s color, and the rechargeable battery more than doubles the iPhone’s battery life

$79.95 $27.99

Vera Bradley Snap-On Case for iPhone 5 or 5S

Durable, snap-on iPhone cases express personal style with Bohemian-chic patterns and vibrant colors

$35 $8.99

Aduro U-Stash Reflection Storage Case with Mirror for iPhone

Slim, snap-on storage case for iPhones includes an extra slot to stash credit cards and a built-in mirror for quick touchups

$29.99 $9.99

Naztech Vault Waterproof iPhone 5/5s Case

Rugged iPhone 5/5s case is waterproof up to a depth of 66’; durable design also protects against snow, dirt, and drops

$39.99 $8.99

uNu DX Battery/Protection Cases for iPhones

Cases boost battery life of iPhones by 100% or more while protecting them from drops, bumps, and scratches

$19.99 $9.99

Wallet Case for iPhone

Colorful flip-cover smartphone cases protect iPhones from daily wear and tear and hold cash and cards in their multiple inner pockets

$29.99 $7.99

uNu Aero 2,000mAh Battery Case with Wireless Charging for iPhone...

Apple-certified battery case adds up to 10 hours of talk time, and it recharges with either the included USB cable or wireless charging mat

$24.99 $9.99

Armor-X Smartphone Cases

Durable cell phone cases absorb shock to keep devices protected; kickstands and belt clips help you enjoy movies and photos on the go

$34.99 $9.99

Mota Extended-Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s, 6, and 6 Plus

A durable, slim case protects iPhone devices; the built-in battery extends standby time up to an additional 300 hours

$99.99 $29.99

3D Luxe iPhone 5/5s Dual-Layer Hybrid Kickstand Case

Two-layer design offers stronger protection against scratches and bumps, and the built-in kickstand lets you enjoy hands-free video viewing

$29.95 $9.99

Customized iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s Cases from Picture It On Canvas

Customize a cell phone case with your own image or a personalized monogram, or choose from Picture It On Canvas’s original designs

$29.95 $5.99

Loop Mummy Case for iPhone 5/5S or 5C

More than just stylish, the mummy-esque bands on the back of this case double as a wallet, securing credit cards or folded cash

$24.95 $10.99

Aduro Eclipse Pro Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus or Galaxy...

Cell phone case with double-layer design that protects the front and back of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S6 against drops and scratches

$29.99 $7.99

EYN Smartphone Case with Hidden Storage for iPhone and Samsung...

Durable polycarbonate cases do more than just protect smartphones; their hidden storage compartment can hold keys, IDs, cash, and more

$29.99 $14.99

OtterBox 2,000mAh Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 5/5s

Cell-phone case defends your iPhone from drops and scratches, and its rechargeable 2,000mAh external battery more than doubles usage time

$99.95 $39.99

Zagg Arsenal Case with InvisibleShield Extreme for iPhone 5/5s

Rugged cell-phone case protects all sides of your smartphone, making direct contact with the screen while maintaining touch sensitivity

$49.99 $8.99

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 5/5s

Multilayer cell-phone case protects your iPhone with dust-proof port covers, a scratch-resistant screen protector, and shock-absorbing foam

$59.90 $19.99

Recover Genuine Wood Case for iPhone 5/5s

Minimalist cell-phone case combines natural and sustainable materials, such as hardwoods and bamboo, with recycled polycarbonate trim

$29.95 $9.99

Gear Beast GearFolio Case for iPhone 5/5s or Samsung Galaxy S5

Cell-phone case’s flip cover secures closed to protect display from damage, and folds into a stand for comfortable hands-free viewing

$39.99 $9.99

Merkury Innovations Apple-Certified Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s

Cell phone case with a built-in battery to extend phone usage while protecting it from drops and damage; includes a micro USB charging cable

$89.99 $15.99

Gear Beast GearShield Case for iPhone, Galaxy, or Nexus Smartphones

Two-piece cell-phone case combines an integrated screen protector and back cover to protect nearly every surface of your smartphone

$24.99 $9.99

iPhone 5/5S Battery Case

Cell phone case protects your iPhone 5/5s while up to doubling its use between charges thanks to a 2000mAh external battery

$99.99 $24.99

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 5/5S

With a rugged rubber slipcover and internal cushioning, this case keeps you worry-free and your phone safe in the face of drops or bumps

$59.90 $22.99

iOttie Notch Case for iPhone 5/5s

Combination TPU and rubberized case protects smartphones from wear and tear while still allowing access to exterior functions

$24.95 $9.99

Nerf Advance Case for iPhone 5/5s

Cell-phone case combines Nerf foam, a rugged TPU bumper, and a beveled front to protect your smartphone from scratches and light drops

$14.99 $9.99

Midtown iPhone 5/5s Flip Case with Card Slots

Cell-phone case securely holds iPhones under a flip cover that features built-in slots for cash and cards; cutouts for ports and buttons

$39.99 $14.99

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