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Up to 50% Off at Aerozone


Hoover(3.4 miles)

Springy trampolines propel visitors of all ages through arenas and into foam pits during open-jump sessions

$36 $18

52% Off Indoor-Playground Visits

The Jungle Party House

Clovis(5.9 miles)

Youngsters scale jungle gym, croon favorite jams at karaoke, bound about in bounce house and concoct arts and crafts at indoor playground

$27 $13

Up to 50% Off Laser Tag

No Surrender Laser Tag

Bullard(4.5 miles)

Players aged 8 and older prowl through dark corridors, shooting opponents with lasers during each competitive game

$20 $12

Up to 54% Off Mineral Bath Passes and Food

Mono Hot Springs

Mono Hot Springs

Mineral baths fed by hot springs soothe arthritis and rheumatism; a mountain-view eatery slings steaks and burgers

$70 $35

Up to 52% Off Airsoft Package or Membership

The Warhouse Airsoft Arena

Edison(3.5 miles)

Fast-paced airsoft battles in an outdoor arena filled with vehicles, buildings, and other tactical obstacles

$30 $15

95% Off Online Guitar Lessons


Online lessons use 3D tech with video, tabs and backing tracks to let users follow along from any angle and create customizable lesson plans

$379.30 $19

90% Off Online Piano Course


Online course teaches piano-playing basics, helping complete novices reach the level of early intermediate standard pianist

$199 $19

82% Off One Year of Online Guitar Lessons

Center Stage Guitar Academy

Bryan Billhimer leads lessons organized by skill level, covering technique and song learning in high-quality videos shot from many angles

$108 $19

87% Off One Year of Online Guitar Lessons

Dangerous Guitar

More than 650 high-definition videos give professional instruction in a wide range of playing styles

$134.55 $18

86% Off Online Ukulele Lessons

Center Stage Ukulele Academy

Knowledgable ukulele expert teaches newbies the ropes with helpful, easy-to-follow instructional videos

$108 $15

"Bodies: The Exhibition" – Up to 38% Off

Bodies: The Exhibition

Premier Exhibition Center

Explore the human body by viewing carefully preserved specimens

$25 $18

91% Off an Online Beginners' Drumming Course

Gravy For The Brain

Online course taught by an industry expert helps students learn the basics of drumming, eventually enabling them to play on a kit in a band

$219 $19

96% Off One Year of Online Guitar Lessons

Rockstar Academy

An experienced teacher helps beginners, intermediate students, and advanced musicians learn how to improve their guitar playing

$237 $10

50% Off Pop, Rock, and Blues Music Classes

Visalia Music School

Whitendale and Mooney(39.7 miles)

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced musicians learn the basics of their favorite music with classes focused on pop, rock, and blues

$100 $50

81% Off One Year of Online Ukulele Lessons

Rockstar Academy

An experienced guitar teacher helps beginners learn how to grip, play, and eventually improvise on the ukulele during online lessons

$79 $15

Up to 40% Off One-Year Membership to Sierra Mono Museum

Sierra Mono Museum

Oakhurst-North Fork(36.4 miles)

Through the display of Western Native American artifacts, the museum preserves aspects of culture and the Nium language

$25 $15

Up to 91% Off Online Guitar or Bass Lessons 

Dangerous Guitar

More than 650 high-definition videos give professional instruction in a wide range of playing styles

$134.55 $18

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