Up to 57% Off MIC-B12 Lipotropic Injections

Raydiance Helio Spa and Wellness Center

Hyde Park(3.2 miles)

Doctor-supervised injections work to support the metabolism, boost energy levels, and bolster weight-loss efforts

$125 $54 Intro Price Ends 5/30

Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery

North Hyde Park(3.2 miles)

Techs at surgeon-led surgery center wield lasers to stifle hair growth at the follicle, nixing the need for waxing, shaving, or tweezing

$250 $49

Up to 85% Off at Glory MedClinic LLC

Glory MedClinic LLC

Multiple Locations(24.8 miles)

Vitamin B Complex boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system; MIC assists in burning fat

$150 $29

Up to 62% Off Skin-Tag Removal

Arviv Medical Aesthetics

Tampa(12.0 miles)

A specialist cauterizes and excises skin tags on the body or face

$60 $29

44% Off Medicine

Medicascripts Pharmacy

Tampa(7.8 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$25 $14

Up to 95% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

My Laser Institute

Tampa(12.0 miles)

Ultrasonic energy shrinks fat cells to contour areas such as the abs, love handles, and thighs

$1,680 $99

Up to 80% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

Age Management Optimal Wellness

Courier City/Oscawana(3.6 miles)

Vitamin B12 has been shown to boost metabolism and promote weight loss, enhance mental performance, and increase energy

$200 $59

Up to 55% Off Scar-Reduction Sessions

Inked No More

Bayshore Beautiful(6.0 miles)

Leslie uses coil-machine techniques to minimize the appearance of acne, laser, and surgical scars

$300 $149

Up to 85% Off B-12 Injections

Soaring Crane Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Tampa(5.0 miles)

Vitamin B-12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

$150 $29

Up to 57% Off Therapeutic Massages with Essential Oils

Larson Natural Health Center

Larson Natural Health Center (47.5 miles)

LMT eases tension and stress with a combination of tailored, therapeutic strokes and aromatic essential oils

$70 $31 Sale Ends 5/31

50% Off Blood-Sugar Testing Meter From St. Mary Pharmacy

St. Mary Pharmacy

Largo(21.9 miles)

Meter with 50 strips allows diabetic patients to test their blood sugar

$40 $20

Up to 64% Off at The Mikey Center for Hyperbaric Oxygen

The Mikey Center for Hyperbaric Oxygen

Lakewood Ranch Corporate Park(41.8 miles)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy designed to heal injuries and treat chronic pain and fatigue in patients of all ages

$100 $39

45% Off Chiropractic Exam with Massage

Family Chiropractic

Spring Hill(38.4 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$60 $33

50%Off Wellness Consult

Michaels Pharmacy

Largo(21.6 miles)

Pharmacist at neighborhood pharmacy can help determine which supplements are best for customers

$40 $20

Up to 72% Off Spider-Vein Removal in St. Petersburg

Anuyou Institute

St. Petersburg(19.0 miles)

YAG laser gently treats superficial and deep-set spider veins on legs or face with 1,064 nm of pulsed light

$450 $131

46% Off Flu Vaccination

Stat One Urgent Care Center

Seminole(21.6 miles)

Flu vaccinations can prevent illness during the flu season

$39 $21 Sale Ends 5/31

Up to 75% Off Toenail Fungus Treatments

Serenity Well Being Clinic

Safety Harbor(16.1 miles)

Physician use the Cutera Genesis Plus laser to target fungal infections in nails

$775 $199

60% Off from Noel S. Tenenbaum, MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Noel Tenenbaum

Palm Harbor(20.3 miles)

Board-certified plastic surgeon suctions fat out from problem areas

$2,500 $998

Up to 57% Off Fat-Reduction Treatments

Esthetic Style

Brandon(8.3 miles)

Both non-invasive treatments reduce fat by melting problem cells using either a laser or low-frequency sound waves

$120 $59

Up to 68% Off Spider-Vein Treatments

Premier Vein Institute

Multiple Locations(2.4 miles)

After a consultation and vein-health screening, sclerotherapy injections collapse spider veins, causing them to fade from view

$300 $99

73% Off at Lecada Medical Artistry

Lecada Medical Artistry

Grey Gables/Bon Air(4.3 miles)

Vitamin B12 and MIC work in tandem to boost energy levels and fat processing, inspiring weight loss and combating fatigue

$160 $43 Sale Ends 5/31

Up to 56% Off Craniosacral Therapy and PowerStrip

Healing The Generations

St. Petersburg(16.0 miles)

Craniosacral therapy aims to reduce stress & pain with hands-on treatment; FDA-listed PowerStrip seeks a natural alternative to pain relief

$110 $49

Up to 86% Off B12 Injections

St. Jude Medical Center & Aesthetic Care

Brandon(10.4 miles)

Vitamin B12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

$300 $50

Up to 94% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat-Reduction Treatment

Michelle's Day Spa

Brandon(10.3 miles)

Therapeutic sound waves help break down fat cells while gentle suctions works to tone and tighten skin

$1,100 $89

Up to 94% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments

Jessica Kustron Aesthetics

North Bon Air(4.4 miles)

Treatments send ultrasonic waves beneath the skin to fat cells, where they work to flush the contents via the body's lymphatic system

$750 $65

65% Off Hormone Consult and Tests

Tampa Healthy Aging

Tampa(8.2 miles)

Medical professionals help determine if men suffer from low testosterone and check prostate-specific antigen levels

$225 $79

55% Off Laser Tattoo-Removal Treatments

Erasable Inc.

Tampa(2.2 miles)

From the merchant: Medical professionals use the gold-standard of laser tattoo removal technology to erase your unwanted ink.

$190 $85

Up to 86% Off Sclerotherapy

Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center

Dunedin(18.1 miles)

Unsightly veins fade from view after a licensed professional injects them with a saline-based solution

$600 $99

Up to 60% Off Microcurrent Face-Lift Treatments

Star Skin Spa and Massage

Fruitville(44.5 miles)

Gentle electrical current stimulates facial muscles to help tighten and lift

$99 $49.99

Up to 56% Off Microcurrent Face-Lifts

Beck Wellness and Chiropractic

Palm Harbor(18.5 miles)

Technician glides a facial sculpting wand over the treatment area, emitting a gentle microcurrent to the cells in an effort to tighten skin

$125 $55

Up to 76% Off Lipotropic Injections

Be Well Health Spa

Be Well Health Spa(48.0 miles)

Injections of vitamins and amino acids promote metabolism and detoxification

$180 $45

45% Off a Counseling Session

Begin Again Counseling Services

Multiple Locations(4.8 miles)

A licensed therapist works with clients to promote lasting change and personal growth.

$100 $55

56% Off Services

The Ziegenbein Center For Mental Health

Downtown St. Petersburg(19.0 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$90 $40

Up to 78% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

The Inner Circle Spa

Sarasota(47.8 miles)

B12 injections aim to kickstart metabolism and boost overall energy levels, aiding weight loss regimens

$200 $45

Up to 89% Off Chiropractic Treatment

Physical Therapy and Massage

Sarasota Chiropractic(44.6 miles)

Comprehensive chiropractic treatment adjusts misaligned spines and includes tension-relieving massage

$454 $49

36% Off a Complete Saline Breast Augmentation

AStar Medical Group

Bay Harbor Islands

Saline breast augmentation performed under local sedation by a licensed physician

$7,800 $4,999

Up to 45% Off Hair Restoration

Hair Qwest

Tampa(5.9 miles)

Specialist designs custom hair system to be applied to scalp to fill out natural hair

$900 $499

Up to 82% Off Zerona Body-Sculpting Sessions


Multiple Locations(3.8 miles)

FDA-approved laser targets specific areas of fat around the waist, thighs, and hips during 40-minute treatment sessions

$2,535 $475

87% Off Laser Hair Restoration

Markou Medical

Clearwater(20.5 miles)

Low-level lasers aim to slow hair loss and thicken existing hair

$1,900 $249

Up to 64% Off at CHC Weight Loss Center

CHC Weight Loss Center

Tampa(4.4 miles)

Vitamin B12-MIC injections jump-start metabolisms; weight-loss program includes initial visit with blood work and appetite suppressants

$150 $60

Up to 56% Off Anti-Aging Peels

Dermatology & Laser Institute of Southwest Florida

Venice Commons

Glycolic-acid peels deeply exfoliate skin to reduce signs of aging, and can improve skin tone, texture, and clarity

$150 $69

Up to 70% Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

Laser Nail Therapy Clinic

Tampa(7.1 miles)

Podiatrists brandish FDA-cleared PinPointe lasers to clear up irksome nail fungus in as little as one treatment

$750 $249

75% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

Family Foot and Ankle Solutions

Palm Harbor(19.0 miles)

Laser light penetrates infected toenails and destroys fungus

$1,200 $299

70% Off Vitamin C or B12 Injections

Be Well Health Spa

Be Well Health Spa(48.0 miles)

Vitamin C injections stave off signs of aging and enhance immunity; vitamin B12 injections help boost energy and the metabolism

$250 $75

Up to 84% Off Four-Week Weight-Loss Program

Be Well Health Spa

Be Well Health Spa(48.0 miles)

A wellness coach monitors progress as clients lose weight by modifying their diets and receiving energy-boosting lipotropic & B12 injections

$555 $89

74% Off Body Sculpting at Gulf Coast Rehab and Wellness Center

Gulf Coast Rehab and Wellness Center

Pinellas Park(19.2 miles)

Nonsurgical Lipo-Light sessions slim and tone bodies with no downtime

$500 $129

Up to 78% Off Spider-Vein Removal

Bella Vista Med Spa

Wellswood(1.8 miles)

Sclerotherapy treatments gradually reduce the appearance of spider veins

$400 $120

Up to 68% Off Spider-Vein Removal

Mountcastle Vein Centers

Multiple Locations(21.9 miles)

Staff members use FDA-approved VeinGogh medical technology to remove spider veins

$300 $99

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection