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Up to 52% off Waxing
Libby's Esthetics
Emerald Day Spa, Victoria 2.1 mi
C$60 C$29.99
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Up to 46% off 60- or 90-Minute Facial
Tonic Spatique
Fernwood, Victoria 1.5 mi
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Up to 52% off Foot Massages
Footloose Massage
Downtown Victoria 0.3 mi
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Up to 70% off At-Home Teeth Whitening
White Smile Central
C$116.95 C$35
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Up to 64% off Haircut or Highlights
The Red Mirror Salon
Downtown, Victoria 0.1 mi
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Up to 48% off Brazilian Waxing
Spa in the City
Victoria 0.4 mi
C$50 C$26
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Up to 25% off Massage
iMassage Canada
Cedar Hill, Victoria 4 mi
C$65 C$49
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Up to 50% off Deep-Tissue Massage
Island Hellerwork
Hillside, Victoria 1.4 mi
C$95 C$49
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Up to 53% off Microdermabrasion
Deco De Mode
Downtown Victoria 0.5 mi
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Up to 81% off Home Teeth-Whitening Kits
Canadian Smile Clinics
C$149 C$33.50
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Up to 49% off Haircut and Optional Highlights
Simplified. A Hair Shoppe.
Victoria 3.3 mi
C$120 C$61.50
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Up to 48% off Infrared Sauna Treatments
Ageless Living Market & Biohacking Centre
Victoria 0.6 mi
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Up to 51% off Men's Hair Services
Tango Salon
Downtown Victoria 0.2 mi
C$40 C$23
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Up to 39% off Eyelash Extensions and Lip Wax
Shimmer Body and Nail Spa
Strawberry Vale, Victoria 6.4 mi
C$85 C$53
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Up to 22% off Kids Spa Packages
Lizzy Lee & Me
Shelbourne Plaza, Victoria 4.2 mi
C$44.99 C$36.50
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Jackie at The Girls Next Door Hair Studio
Marigold, Victoria 4.8 mi
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Dewachen Healing Centre
Victoria 0.6 mi
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Otis Bell Massage
Downtown Victoria 0.3 mi
C$80 C$55
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Up to 63% off Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments
Reveal Laser
Royal Oak Shopping Center, Victoria 7.4 mi
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Up to 62% off Infrared Sauna Sessions
Atlas Health Therapy
Oldtown, Victoria 0.4 mi
7 bought
C$39.90 C$15
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Victoria Shiatsu & Reflexology
Victoria Shiatsu and Reflexology 1.6 mi
C$85 C$48.99
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Up to 51% off Spa Mani-Pedi
Beauty by Brette
Sidney South-East 24.6 mi
C$90 C$47
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Up to 40% off Eyelash Extensions
Epic Winks
Cordova Bay, Victoria 12.9 mi
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Sabai Thai Spa
Coal Harbour, Vancouver
C$145 C$91
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Jade Electrolysis
Victoria 1.5 mi
C$78.65 C$40.50
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Glow Luxe Skincare
Downtown, Victoria 0.5 mi
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Up to 54% off Eyelash Perms
Gorgeous Skin Spa
Harris Green, Victoria 0.7 mi
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Up to 52% off Eyelash Extensions
Julie at New Town Nails & Lash Studio
Victoria 4.8 mi
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Up to 61% off Mink Eyelash Extensions
Pure Essence Nail & Esthetics
Kitsilano, Vancouver
C$160 C$79
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Canadian Optic & Laser Center (COL Center)
Victoria 5 mi
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Up to 45% off Bodywork and Sound Session
Ocian Flo
West Saanich, Victoria 13.9 mi
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Glamour Medi Spa
Jacklin, Langford 10.7 mi
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Victoria Holistic Health Clinic
Swan Lake, Victoria 3.2 mi
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Spa Bellissa And Salon
Colwood Corners, Victoria 7.9 mi
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Paul Christopher Massage Therapy
Fernwood Holistic Health Centre, Victoria 1.4 mi
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Clear Skin Bright smile
Victoria 10.2 mi
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