Meghan G.

I’m Access Books’ program director, and I’m really touched your support. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!


I think you should forward this email to the personal list at GCC. I think a lot of folks would be willing to donate. Niels and I just made our donation.
Thanks for doing this. I’ll forward it to my friends and post on facebook.

Meghan G.

Thank you Susie (and Niels)! And that’s a good idea about the “personal” listserv — I’ll post today.

Why only intercity kids?…ALL the children in the Los Angeles and all schools need books due to budget cuts….

Meghan G.

You’re right, Deborah. Keep in mind that Access Books was founded in 1999 based on research that shows you learn to read by reading, but first you must have something to read. Our founder, Rebecca Constantino, visited schools in both affluent and poor neighborhoods while conducting research for her Ph.D. dissertation. She discovered that students in wealthy areas had access to more books in their home than poor children had in their home, classroom, school and public library combined. Out of this injustice, Access Books was born. It’s been our mission to serve schools where at least 90% of students live at or below the poverty line.

All public school libraries in LA are threatened — we recognize that. Access Books advocates for all libraries, but we give books to the most impoverished ones. These schools often have less than 5 books per student whereas public schools in better neighborhoods have as many as 17.

Consider that supporting Access Books sends a message: school libraries matter. Our activism has a ripple effect.

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