Stephen C.

the “fine print” section says this is valid for alcohol only whereas the rest of the descriptions says its valide for food, cigars and alcohol.

which is it?

Jacquelynn G.

Stephen C. – This Groupon is valid for food, cigars and drinks (alcohol included). Thank you for checking!

Jacquelynn from Groupon

Sam P.

Went this morning to pickup some olive oil. Live right across the street. Unfortunately, the front desk person didn’t really know how to process Groupon deals as she charged me $7 for a $14 bottle – which makes me paying $7 for my ticket worthless since I’m paying full price – $7 + $7 = $14 = no deal.

Didn’t really realize what happened till I was out the door. I’m going to have to do a charge back with my credit card – luckily I have an Amex so that’s no big deal.


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