Lani M.

Hello G-Team, is this tax deductable?

Lance S.

Can you place the ad higher on the page so that it is more visible? Thanks for supporting our service men and women.

Great to see Groupon supporting our military. thanks

What a great cause. Thank you to the anonymous donor who is matching contributions to $350,000!!

Danielle N.

Thank you Groupon for helping our servicemembers and supporting us! The need is huge.

Hey Groupon, the Facebook share link doesn’t seem to be working…it’s trying to post something about St. Louis. Can you check this out so I can tell my friends about this great opportunity? Thanks!

As the wife of an incredible man and devoted U.S. soldier, this donation opportunity is very meaningful to me personally. I hope many more people will take advantage of it. The impact on soldiers—and families of solders—that suffer with the incredible stresses of active duty life is immeasurable at times. This is a very valuable operation.

Danielle N.

Dolores - Yes we also provide face-to-face services with soldiers and families that need it. If you would like more info please email us at info@notalone.com or call us at 1.888.454.0950. We can help if someone needs it.

This is simply a comment of observation: I am extremely bothered that we we entered into war under the guise of numerous lies & money-making schemes – the war went on anyway. I find it equally disturbing that the government has been called on the carpet hundreds of times because of their unwillingness to take responsibility for the nightmare they have created for so many courageous and trusting women and men who have fought for our country. Our contributions can help, however the root problem continues. Our VOICE can help more. As Americans it is time for us to stand up and DEMAND that money is properly allocated and effectively dispersed to ENSURE that our soldiers receive the BEST medical service available. If the government cannot ensure that, we should stop going to war. FB would be a great place to start gathering people together. Someone needs to lead that effort.

Thank you anonomous donor and Groupon! BIGGER Thank You to our men and women in uniform – our protectors and angels. May we do a better job of taking care of you.

Thank you to both this annonymous donor and Groupon for putting it out there. I have had the honor of caring for many service men and womens phyisical injuries on their way back ‘home’ and have listened to those could talk. Something away from the military system and stigma is certainly a help.

Please talk about this available service to all your friends (even non-military) the more who know about it, the better chance someone who could really use it will learn about it.

Can you run it for longer that the 2 remaining days? Or again in the near future?


Thank you to everyone for supporting the men and women.. Amy said it best about the current wars, but the military alone is are hard place with different circumstances some have never seen before. Best we can do is assist them, they are there for us – One Hundred percent..

Groupon, hold Washington accountable and serve those who have served, both active duty and veteran status. However, it is important for a service member to seek help within the DoD (Department of Defense). For numerous reasons and resources.

If seeking help as an American for something our country has sent us out to do then tax dollars need to fund such a cause like this. A service member needs to have their chart documented so the PTSD can be further helped when finally discharged through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Run a donation to help with public service announcements say through the Disabled American Veterans who also handle PTSD, a non profit. I do not feel this is the best we can do for our service members or Veterans.

It shows me how out of touch Groupon is, or how American Groupon is.

michael g.

Karen – It’s great to see there are great people doing great things to help our veterans. My prayers go out to the anonymous donor, veterans and those who support such needed programs.

If you know of a veteran in need, please forward them this prayer

May God who has offered healing and strength through the hands of His only Son, Our Lord, and through Christ’s many servants grant me the favor of His healing and through the intercession of His servant, Fr. Vincent Capodanno, priest, missionary, and chaplain, who always sought to heal and comfort the wounded and dying on the field of battle. May I be granted this request on my own field of battle I pray in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. (Capodanno@CatholicMil.org)

Jasmin A.

I was looking for a way to honour Memorial Day and what it stands for in a way that counts and helps. Thank you for showing me the (I think) best way to do that. Some soldiers never return (mentally) from the battle field and so even though they survived, the left their happiness there and we have to help them to get it back. I am a German, but I truely feel for the Americans suffering in so many wars. I hope we can show them they are not alone. Thank you!

I think all programs for soldiers are great. However, the military already has 1000 of counselors world wide that are located on just about every base and post in the world. They provide free services with no records kept so the soldier does not have to have the help documented on their permenant record. This service can also be used by vetrans. These counselors are not part of mental health, they are all licensed professionals who provide help on and off bases and posts to solider, airman and their families. The government pays a lot to have these professionals around all the time to help the miliatary. Check out MHNGS.com for more information.

wendy s.

Has this charity ever been evaluated? How much of the funds actually go toward the services for those in need? Please post some data supporting this to encourage more donations. Thank you

I followed the link on the groupon to register my donation, but it was just to sign up for their mailing list. Do I have to sign up?

Lani M.

Same, here. I followed the link to register my donation, but it is just asking me to sign up for their mailing list.

I’m not sure how to apply this online. There doesn’t seem to be a redemption option for the Groupon donation amount?

I agree with the others – do we have to do anything to actually register the donation online? When I follow the Groupon link http://gr.pn/jQiEfs is takes me to a page to sign up for their email list. How do we make sure the donation is applied?

First of all, THANK YOU for doing this for our Brave Military, my Father is retired after 20 years, Air Force!

2nd, I admit I’m a few days late in the discussions and you may have answered this somewhere that I have not seen, but how do I get this Groupon sent on , I thought it was automatic since it said on the main page:
“Donations are automatically applied”
But still shows as OPEN in MY Groupons?
Also, I could not fine the way to get a receipt for this in case I can use for tax purposes. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You.

Deborah M.

I checked out the web site and tried to fill in my donation and it only gave me the option of using a credit card. Is this dlnation already taken care of or do I need to do something from my end? Thanks!

Deborah M.

It seems like a few of us are wondering about how to handle this donation and so far haven’t gotten an answer. I sent an email to Not Alone asking them what to do. I will keep you all posted as to what I hear.

Kathryn H.

The new link does not register my donation. How do I register it?

“The redemption instructions originally displayed an incorrect link to register your donation. Our apologies for the inconvenience. We have since updated the instructions so that the link works properly. Please visit http://gr.pn/iITCmF to register your donation.”

Nancy S.

Thanks, Kathryn, but when you go to the link you just provided, it says “Thanks for your Groupon Donation” and then asks for our email address. Is that all for registering our donation? What exactly does registering mean?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you everyone else who is having problems with this Groupon! I thought I was alone in questioning registration of the donation and the new link. I have sent questions to Support and have received instructions to read the faq and the notification of the new link that does not provide a method of registering the donation. Looking forward to a clear response and instructions.

I’m with you R.T. …This is the most difficult time I’ve ever had trying to give money to an organization! Hope we have an answer soon…


Here is the response I received from Groupon related to redeeming the Groupon and tax credit:

Hi R******,

I believe if you fill out those fields, you’ll be able to receive more information about the programs you’ve donated to. I would also think that you would eventually receive information on how to handle this donation come tax time.

You can also contact Not Alone directly, by phone at 1.888.497.0379 or by email, info@notalone.com .

Please let me know if you need anything else.


Nick L.

R.T. Did you email/call Not Alone? If you (or anyone) get a response please share it with us.

I emailed Not Alone and here was their response:
We did receive your donation. Thank you so much!
Under your Groupon account you should be able to print out your purchased receipt and that has our tax id number on it. Please let us know if you are unable to find the Groupon in your purchased Groupon account.
Danielle Zopf
Not Alone
I didn’t see a Tax ID on the Groupon so I sent another email asking for it.

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