Will groupons be scanned on site or will we have to go somewhere days prior to the show and exchange for a ticket first (like with North Coast Music Fest)?

Nick R.


Congress Box office will be open by 12pm (Noon) on October 8 & 9 to redeem Groupons for Riot Fest.

William V.

Any chance we can stop by the Congress before the 8th to redeem the Groupons for tickets, or will they only be valid on the day of the show?

Nick R.


The Congress box office will be the only location to redeem your Groupon beginning at Noon on Oct. 8 & 9.

Will you be able to come, and go with a one day ticket?

Nick R.


No in and out on a single day ticket for Riot Fest 2010 Congress shows on Oct. 8 or 9. Only 5-day, 3-day pass holders and VIP purchasers will be able to come and go throughout the day with their wristbands. Regardless, you may plan accordingly given there are many restaurants in the area and concessions will be provided inside the Congress as well on both days. 3-Day and VIP tickets are still available at www.riotfest.org

Is the 4 ticket limit per day? (So could I buy 4 for Friday and 4 for Saturday?)

Nick R.


The Riot Fest Groupon is set so you can purchase (4) tickets to each show for both Friday and Saturday. Let me know if for some reason it does not allow that.

It appears I would need to do two transactions which is fine with me. I just wanted to make sure doing so does not invalidate my one of my orders for the opposite day or something.

I can only walk through the checkout process for one day at a time.

Click “Purchase”, day options appear.
Click Friday, on next page adjust number of tickets.
Return to deal page.
Click “Purchase”, day options appear.
Click Saturday, on next page, info for Friday is no longer there.

Even if I skip adjusting the number to four, it still removes Friday when I go through the process to try and also add Saturday to my order.

Nick R.


Correct. A separate transaction for each day is required to purchase (4) tickets to each show.

Thanks Nick. Just wanted to be sure I was understanding it all correctly. :)

Bohdan V.

Just so that I understand, once I walk in through the doors at 5:30 pm on friday, I cannot leave and come back in the rest of the night? Is that correct?

Nick R.


Correct. If you are entering the Congress during Riot Fest on Oct. 8 or 9 with a single day ticket then you will not be able to leave and come back in without paying for another ticket. There will be concessions on site and an open smokers patio will be accessible to everyone without having to leave the Congress.

Bohdan V.

Beautiful. As long as there are concessions on site and a smoker’s patio then I’m golden!

Can’t wait for the show!!

Luba V.

Bohdan, the smoking patio is very convenient. See you out there.

Lindsay J.

Is it necessary to be at the venue at noon, or can we arrive at the time the show starts and be guaranteed tickets? Is the Groupon a hold on a ticket, or could we possibly not get in if we get there later?

Katherine P.

Seconding Lindsay’s question – do i need to go to the venue at noon or can i pick it up when i get there for the show?

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