Samik M.

Too bad the deal isn’t for the Chicago Architecture Foundation sponsored tour. I still bought one cause its a great price for an architecture tour nonetheless.

I’m buying this regardless, but I have a question or two. The Groupon description has a “click here” as the tours for which the Groupon is good. It takes you to a page that gives times, then says “click here to order online”.

We can go on ANY tour? Or just Architectural, i.e., no Lake and River, no Sunset, no Special Tours? (I know. I’m just clarifying.) Can we make a reservation online or is Groupon strictly reserve by phone? What if our day/time is rained out or some other lake-effect, Chicago weird weather-horror’d out? Cancellation policy?

To my fellow Groupon’ers: I can hear you now. “It’s only $12; you’re not buying a car.” You’re right; I’m buying this regardless. I like to know the parameters of what I am about to own BEFORE I get bent outta shape cuz I took some little factoid for granted. The ins, outs, and wherefores before the fact – NOT after.

Thanks for your upcoming reply!

Meryl G.

Looks like fun. Do I buy one for me and three gifts for the rest of my family of four?

amanda l.

hey how fast do I get this I’ll be in Chicago on Tues can I use it then maybe?

Virginia V.

Cathy it looks like it’s only good for the 75 minute Architectural tour. When you click to see the list of tours it’s good for that’s the only one listed.

Jayna C.

@ Samik – thanks for the feedback – I am trying hard to get them on board as well for some of their great walking tours but it never hurts to have customers tell them to get on Groupon!

@ Cathy S. – You are great and always so insightful! Let me check to see if maybe you can switch for another tour. You can call to make reservation, I think over the internet you have to leave payment and that is why we cannot do over the internet so let me check on that one too. Rain date or anything like that you can just re-schedule at your leisure. Be back with the other answers!

@ Meryl – You can just buy four under your name or you can click to buy three as gifts. Either way works :)

@ Amanda – perfect timing you can start using tomorrow! Thanks for checking us out!


Kim H.

What does “Limit 1 person” mean? If I buy 40, can I take myself and 39 friends on the same trip? Y’know, just in case.


Would I still need to purchase a ticket if I have a child under the age of 2??


Cheryl K.

I have a small, 8 pound dog — can I bring him on the Wendella? I know there are some that allow dogs.


Thanks Virginia. And THANK YOU Jayna!

My father came to visit last summer, and I took him to all the touristy places. He honestly enjoyed the Wendella boat tour the most during his stay (and thought the Hancock Center was overhyped). Our tour was around sunset and it turned out to be really beautiful! I’m buying a few for future visitors. :-)

Mary F.

Hi Jayna,
Did I understand correctly, that in order to use the Groupon, we have to call Wendella directly to make a reservation? We cannot do it online, right?
Thank you!

Jayna C.

@ Kim – Yes but def. call ahead for big parties like that!

Still waiting for more clarification on if you can switch for another tour.



Leave your dog at home.

I hope Dave Mathews Band in not in town when I go on my tour!!!!

Natasha M.

Heather — I checked out the website and it says “Children 3 and under $0” so I’m assuming we don’t have to purchase one for our 2 year olds.

Larry H.

Jayna, thanks for the reply to Meryl (“You can just buy four under your name or you can click to buy three as gifts. Either way works :)” but I’m still not clear re the direct statement “Limit 1 person.” As another put it, can I buy 40 tickets and take 39 guests with me on a single ride? More reasonably, can I buy 6 tickets now, and wait for some house guests this summer and we all go on the tour? (If so, this seems to contradict the “Limit 1 person” rule.)

Jayna C.

@ Carlos – haha!

@ Natasha & Heather – correct :)

@ Larry – The idea is for you to each enjoy the tour once so you can buy one for yourself and as many as you like for others. So you can buy all 6 under your name now OR we have the gifting option whereas you click ‘buy as gift’ and you enter the other person’s name so that person’s name shows up on the Groupon, not yours. It just makes it feel like more of a gift. But, if you are like me and have so many people coming into town over the summer and not sure who are going to be the lucky recipients I would just buy 6 under your name.

Cheers, Jayna

Kenneth G.

I’m trying to purchase this deal and it says “experiencing technical difficulties”. Anyone else getting this message? Thanks! -Ken

Yep – I just tried purchasing this deal too and I got the same error message. This happened to me one other time and I just had to wait a little bit before trying again and then it worked. Good luck! :)

Erik H.

the groupon ordering interface is a bust….tried 3x and i receive ‘something broke’ messages.

I can’t get it to work either… Tried about 6 times.

Brian J.

I got the same error message, but under my groupons in “my stuff” it says my order is being processed. Am I all set then?

Carrie M.

Same here – “Something broke” I’ll wait until someone else gets it work and try again.

Mihaela Z.

Should we place our order again if we get the error message? Or just wait? I don’t have this deal under “my stuff”..

Carolyn P.

I tried to buy 5. One for me and 4 for my family members. It tells me “something broke”. Can I buy more than one at a time or do I need to buy 4 gifts?

Rebecca B.

I see the offer expires 11/30/10, but that doesn’t mean tours go that late. How long into the year do the tours run? I have guests coming into town Oct 2nd. The website shows hours, but not dates. Has anyone gone on a tour that late…is it too cold?

I see the same thing Brian. I will be looking at 100 of these groupons if they all go through! YIKES!

James H.

i received the “something broke” error message too

I was able to go into mystuff. Click on Edit under the boat cruises and select the little blue link at the very bottom that says cancel my purchase. I canceled all the extras and they now no longer appear in mystuff.

Nancy V.

This is my first Groupon purchase. I also got the error message after I clicked to purchase. In checking my Account status, it shows that my order is being processed. So who knows, perhaps it is. Don’t think I’ll try purchasing it again.

Phoebe D.

“something broke” for me too. I hope once it’s fixed we can still get the groupon, or something comparable.

Jayna C.

Hey Everyone,

So we are having tech issues on purchasers so just keep trying but it should be resolved soon. You can really buy as many as you want so Carolyn – that is fine :)

@ Rebecca, tours actually run even later – normally to Dec/Jan – really depends on weather. We do not know the schedule past November yet so that is why that is the expiration date and also the weather. October 2nd is fine. It is really up to when the river freezes and I am pretty sure it will not freeze but that is up to the rain maker! They have indoor seating with heat so you will be fine in terms of coldness (if that is even a word?!)


I got the error message 3 times, very dissapointing

i can’t get in – error messages saying it doesn’t exist…

Kathie C.

This is the first time I’ve tried to get something. Both times I’ve tried I’ve received the “Something Broke” screen which is very disappointing. I don’t think I’m going to bother trying again.

Deborah W.

I getting an error message… I wanted 8 tickets really bad…

I love this tour! I will wait until later today to purchase since it appears that there is no limit to number available.

Jackie D.

Make sure and check your account. I just did and I had 8 tickets instead of just 4. I was having trouble with the site and from what I could see the transactions hadn’t gone thru the first time.

Lisa c.

I just tried to buy 2 tix and got the “something-broke” message.

Kim B.

me too!

Teena M.

I did too, and I don’t know what to do next…buy more?

I wanted to buy 4 tickets but the order got repeated and now I have 3 orders in my account. I tried canceling but keep getting error message. I do not need 12 tickets!

so if i buy 4 tickets, we can all go on the same boat tour together right? not just 1 at a time? that limit 1 is confusing.


I think I broke the Groupon. I tried purchasing some passes and its telling me it’s broken. I’m Sorry. I really wanted to see this tour.

Still broke and want to place my order. Will try later

Michelle F.

:o( I got the “broken” message too! This is a great tour, my friend bought it last time around and I have been watching for it ever since!

Kenneth J.

It’s still broken. I’ll try later.

Careful – I got the “broken” message 4 times. Then i checked mygroupon page and I had 16 of them in my purchase listings. Canceling the extras now.

Yeah same with me!!

Shripriya S.

This price is for an Adult. Is there a different price for kids( aged 4 & 9)?

Savarra A.

I am not able to complete the process of purchasing this deal. I keep getting a Something Broke error.

What happens if you want to use the tickets on a nice Saturday? As long as you reserve in advance are you good? Or do you get pushed to the back of the line?

Even though it says it’s broken, it seems to be working anyway – I received the “Something’s broken” message but when I clicked back onto the Today’s Deal page, I saw the message that said, “Thanks for getting your Groupon” – so I then checked my Groupons and the Wendella purchase is showing as being processed.

Sara S.

Do they have any discounted kids tickets by chance? I saw on the website that kids 11 and under are $12. Do you think they’ll discount those 1/2 off as well?

I’ve tried a several time and still get the same broke response but noticed that the number of units being sold is still going up, what gives? I hope I don’t end up with 25 tour tickets.

Karen H.

We have visitors from Mexico coming this summer. Do you have any Spanish-language tours?

Catherine J.

You guys are hysterical! Thanks for my laugh today. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s editorials. And yes, I love my dog VERY much but please, leave the pets at home.

Nial S.

What is this “Something broke” I don’t know if my card has been charged or not. They obviously did not expect this sale to be soo HOOOTTTT

Do you have to order tickets for a specific day? Or can you order and use any day you are in the city?

Do you have to order tickets for a specific day? Or can you order and use any day you are in the city?

Anjani P.

I’m in the same situation getting the “Something broke” message…not sure if my card will get charged for that transaction. Should I wait to receive a Purchase confirmed email or try purchasing again?


I know that there is an issue when ordering. The same thing happened when I ordered the Bergoff groupon. The only difference is that with the Bergoff, and also indicated by many posts here, the groupon still went through and was showing in my account, even though it said it was broken. Currently I have attempted to purchase this groupon twice and it’s still not showing in my account…but it is with others…apparently. I’m writing to find out if the Groupon staff has any insight as to whether I need to keep attempting the purchase until it shows in my account despite the “broken” message, or if my purchases have gone through. If they have I will need to cancel one.

Nial S.

As far as I know you can cancel as long as it is in the window of time to cancel. So I am gonna purchase again

Amanda M.

Just tried to order my tickets again, and this time they went through without any issues. Hope it’s working now for everyone else, too!

Ok I know the groupon says you can only purchase one for yourself and multiples for friends but I just read on here that you can purchase more than one at a time in your name for others? I just wanted to get that clarified before I went and purchased them all under my name. Would it cause trouble when I take my family and friends at the same time with the tickets all under my name?


Jessica B.

All my purchases today read “processing”. Does that mean that it went through?


Are reservations really necesary? Or can I just show up that day and if there’s room they will let me in? I just hate planning things in advance. Anything could happen that could prevent me from showing up. And I wouldn’t like for the tour company loose revenue because of me not showing up, and not allowing another paying customer from attending the tour. Leaving two reserved seats empty.

janine s.

To be clear, if I buy 2 groupons for my mom and dad under my name, they can go together the same day with the 2 groupons having my name on them? Thanks, new to groupon but very excited about these opportunities which make me ‘have’ to go out and enjoy Chicago!

Jayna C.

Hey Everyone,

couple things -
A – tech is on it – sorry they cannot move faster – I will rely the message though!
B – you have till midnight tonight to make changes to quantity you purchase
C – Jose – yes reservations are best…But, you can show up and they will let you in if they have room though.

Thanks again, Jayna

everyone needs to take a chill pill. They are working on the problem. Groupon has also given you another avenue to place the order. Just email support@groupon.com with the number of tickets you want. I believe you are all on the way to selling 15,000 tickets!

Jayna C.

typo – mean to say RELAY the message in regards to my post above *

so if you buy 4 for you and 3 people, can you use them all on the same tour?

Auzair T.

If I buy 10 tickets, can I use 5 on one day, and 5 on another with a different group of people?
Do I have to attend if I buy them? Or can I give them to guests that come to town?

deb r.

If I buy 2 tickets, can I use one for a child?

I’ve seen this question raised several times and it seems that no one is addressing it…..so let’s try again. If I buy two groupons in my name and want to use them both for the same tour (one for me, one for another), is this possible??

Jayna C.

@ Katie – YES.

Thank you Jayna and Cheryl!

janine s.

To be clear, if I buy 2 groupons for my mom and dad under my name, they can go together the same day with the 2 groupons having my name on them? Thanks, new to groupon but very excited about these opportunities which make me ‘have’ to go out and enjoy Chicago!

Felicia B.

is there going to be a limit to how many of these you sell today? im not sure how many i want yet. will i miss out if i have to wait a couple hours to buy?


Elizabeth P.

You are asking questions that have already been answered. Please take a minute and read the discussion before you ask. It’s bad enough Jayna has to answer this questions on top of the tech problems they are having.

JongMan K.

Hey, does anybody know if the course of the tour includes the lake?

Thanks in advance!

Kelly Z.

I got the error message 2 times, but the order still went through. So for those of you that got the error message as well, you might want to check your account for the number that actually went through.

shelley B.

I couldn’t be happier with these people. They bent over backwards last year to make sure we got everything we hoped for, even though we goofed up on our groupon dates. Wendella Tours is an excellent vendor and truly values all customers.

How Early do you suggest you call and make reservations for the weekend times?

Does anyone know if you can bring alcohol on this? I would love to do this in the summer with my wife and a nice bottle of wine.

Karina T.

I just purchased my tickets for the tour but i had a question. i was refered by a friend and i understand they get a $10 credit everytime you refer someone. it did not give me the option to put in her information. how can she get this credit?

Jayna C.

@ Gina -Both can be under your name :)

Melissa J.

How long does it take to get the tickets? I placed my order over 2 hours ago and haven’t received a confirmation email or anything. It states my order is being processed when i click on ‘my stuff’.

I just received an email saying my order was processed and my groupons are ready to print. When I clicked on the ticket it took a very long time to open in Adobe and then said the file was unable to open because it was corrupt. What should I do?

Andrew B.

@Karina. I referred friends in the past, and the link you give them looks like the regular website, but somehow it ended up getting me a credit, anyway. It’s somehow embedded in the link.

Andrew B.

That’s assuming you gave them the referral link that has a specific code of extra letters at the end of the regular groupon website.

Marius M.

the order will be fully processes by tomorrow. don’t worry about it ! if you got your confirmation you’re fine.

Sylvia T.

Wow, why is everyone freaking out? I don’t recall such an uproar in a purchasing a Groupon, you’d think you were buying Super Bowl tickets. People slow down they’re only $12 tickets, yes, it’s a great deal, but with all the tech problems I’m sure Wendella will straighten it all out. So people slow down, take a deep breath and count to ten. ;)

Joyce J.

Is there a limit in the amount of tickets that can be purchased for friends? We’re looking at a school group of 30. Thanks

Gregg/Jayna -

What is the limit on the number you are going to sell? I needed to check with my husband about how many to get but won’t be able to until I get off work. Thanks!

I wasn’t aware that anyone was freaking out…I was under the impression that a discussion page is a place to ask questions…isn’t that what everyone is doing?

Once you buy the groupon, how do you make the reservation? Online or by telephone? What is the cancellation policy after making a reservation? Thanks.

Sylvia T.

@ Ann B., yes, you are correct this is the place to ask questions, but I was looking for some info here myself (and found it) and everyone is asking the same questions over and over. If people would just take the time and peruse through the discussion they will find their answers, that’s all. ;)

Nancy B.

What is the number to make a reservation?

Laila R.

Hi Jayna / Gregg,
I know other people are asking this questions as well, but I do not see a response. I have purchased some tickets, what is the ETA on recieving a confirmation email?

Robert C.

Does anyone know if the boat is BYOB?

Susan S.

This is from “The Deal FAQ” section …. "You can print your Groupon as soon as your order is processed, which typically happens a few minutes after placing your order, but can take up to a few hours if we’re slammed (we’ll email you when your Groupon is ready).

You’ll need to call Wendella to make the reservation (once you have your coupon): http://www.wendellaboats.com/

Susan S.

The BYOB question was asked and answered previously … the answer: you can’t bring booze … they have a bar on board.

sarah l.

Watch out if you got an error message earlier. Mine and my husband’s cards were charged many times. Luckily it’s easy to cancel. Just go under “My Stuff”, My Groupons and edit your order.

Beatriz T.

HI, I just got one this morning but is still being process…how can I know for sure if worked ? Thanks !


If the correct number show up in your account as being processed, then you’re good to go. Don’t worry about it.

If anyone has “extras” that they accidentally put in their account, could I buy from you (or be your guest)? I just went to purchase the deal and it says sold out. I have never seen this happen before. Let me know- madcrystal22@yahoo.com


They don’t sell out frequently, but it’s not abnormal. I wonder if they will open it back up as people purge some of their unintended purchases?

I also just logged in to get 4 tickets and shows sold out. Anymore available??

Yeah that’s what I’m wondering too. How will we know though?? I’m just going to keep trying to purchase. Anyone want to “gift” one of their extras to me?? I can pay through paypal.

Jairo A.

I wish you would add more tickets this is such a great deal I have family coming in from New York and this would be perfect!!!

It says sold out at 2:44 but I tried to get tickets over 5 minutes ago. I hope they open back up or I get lucky. I seriously JUST went to the bank so I could purchase this and missed it by a minute? That sucks because I asked friends to get these to go with me and now I’m the one who doesn’t have one.

Angel C.

There should have been a posting saying that the deal is capped at 20,000 so that everyone is aware when the deal will close.

geri w.

I agree with Angel. I was reading the comments before I purchased and in 5 minutes, it was closed. If I had known, I would have ordered first and read later. Oh well.

Angel- EXACTLY! Seriously. And what about all the extra tickets that were purchased accidentally and will be cancelled over the course of the day. Will those be made available??

Brian B.

Also a little (maybe even more) upset that I tried to buy this at 6:00, 7:00 and 7:30 this morning but the website wasn’t working. This is the first chance I had to get back to the website and now I am unable to purchase tickets. Would have been nice to know that this was closed ended. According to the clock, I still have time to buy this one.

Jayna, anyway we can get this deal even though it is sold out? It’s definitely quite popular.

Isaac S.

Yes, those will be made available. I just snagged 4 more tickets. Keep looking :)

Agreed- what a bummer. I was waiting to hear back from my family to see how many I should purchase but had it been posted there was a limit I would have purchased two now anyway. Dissapointing.

I’m very disappointed… I was going to buy 11 tickets for my family and friends to use when they visit… I have been in Chicago for 2 years and I still have never been on the tour…. Please bring this deal back….

Deborah W.

I agree with Braian B. I also tried several times and the website wasn’t working and now it’s sold out! I really wanted those tickets.

I keep getting to the “complete my order” page and it just takes me back to the “sold out” page. Groupon really screwed up with this one today with the technical issues and now not informing of a sell out maximum od 20,000.

Kurrie A.

My order says it’s still being processed (for over two hours). So does anyone know if the purchase will still go through now that it reads: Sold Out?

Too bad – I tried buying this twice this morning but all that came up was technical difficulties. Now it’s sold out. Is groupon doing anything to account for this??

I was finally able to get through to purchase the groupon. Keep trying people- they are having major technical issues today and I feel like tickets will keep opening up. It took me 15 minutes of clicking over and over but finally got one. DANG!

Yes it generally says it’s being processed the day you purchase the Groupon. It went through.

Landon K.

try to keep reloading the page…i just got one and got to give one as a gift even though it sold out 20 minutes ago. A few tickets opened up somehow. Keep reloading.

Nicholas S.

Just bought 2 i think, 3:00pm.. Your order is currently being processed.


They did post the 20,000 cap after they sold several thousand (I’m not sure exactly when).

I agree that they should open up the extra tickets from cancellations. In fact, I imagine they will sell them to those who emailed support@groupon.com in the order they received the requests.

However, no one would end up happy if they sold too many. It could make it very difficult to get a reservation.

Isaac S.

Now it says it’s no longer available even though there are 5 left…

I got the last one! Heck yeah!

Joe B.

Doh! I can’t believe I waited to buy these! Accomodating 20,000 tourists is a difficult task I’m sure. Maybe another tour will be offered, or an offer from another tour company?

I submitted a request for 2, gave my credit card indo. but never got an email confirmation. This was hours ago. Did I get them or not? Was I charged or not?

No fair! I was sitting at my computer when this deal came in at 3:15, and it was already sold out!!!! How come? Don’t the deals all go out at the same time?

Randy C.

This stinks. I get the ‘site is broken message’ and then when I tried again, it was sold out. Groupoff needs to fix their systems.

Susan S.

Fran, go to ‘My Stuff’ (top right on the blue bar above) – it will show there if your order is being processed. If it is, it will take time for the email confirmation to arrive.

Susan S.

Fran, I should have added that after clicking on ‘My Stuff’, choose ‘My Groupons’ … that’s where you’ll find confirmation that your order is being processed. If you were successful, it will tell you the order date (today), expiry date, name of company, how many tickets you purchased, and that your order is being processed (if it’s still in the processing stage, which mine is.)

I’m really mad that this sold out! Usually it lasts all day, what gives?

Sutthinun P.

need to buy two tickets but already sold out! This is so sad… please let the deal goes on until midnight as usual.

Melissa J.

I’ve read thru all these comments and I’m not seeing an ETA for a confirmation email. I’ve place my order over 4 hours ago and just want confirmation my order was placed. How can I be sure? What is the ETA on a confirmation email?

Susan S.

They had a limit on it … I thought it was 15,000, but see that they’ve sold 20,000.

Nurudin J.

Kinda stupid system here. Apparently you have to click, complete, go back and click, complete the buying process 6 times if you have a family of 6. In today’s day and age someone needs to show these guys how it done on server side coding ;-) Good idea, very bad execution! Canceled my order and account!

Melissa J.

Thanks! I just got my confirmation email.

Sylvia T.

Ok, since these are really great deals they do sell out quickly, so if you really want it you should go ahead and purchase it. You shouldn’t wait to hear from other people if they want to be in on it, if they don’t want in than you can always find someone else to go or it would only be a loss of $12. These deals become available early in the a.m. so you can always go directly to the website. If I don’t get my daily Groupon via email by 9am, I go directly to the website. I tried at noon had no problem, I’m sure this morning it crashed since there were so many purchases, but thats what happens when it’s such a great deal you just can’t pass up.

Susan S.

Melissa, it’s supposed to be within a few hours, but they must be swamped. If your order is showing under ‘my stuff’ then you’ll probably get your email once they’ve caught up with all of the orders.

Nurudin – I was able to order two tickets at once by changing the number from 1 to 2 in the order box … not sure why you had to go through the process 6 times?

Sarah I.

I would have loved to have purchased, but is sold out. Why is it that I only received notification by email at 3:24 pm, yet many of these comments about purchasing were 7-8 hours ago? From what I can tell, this was sold out PRIOR to my GROUPON email. That is not right!

Sylvia T.

@ Sarah, hmm.. that’s strange that some people are just getting their Groupons by email at 3ish, as I received mine at 6am today. But please see my post about 2 above.

fiona j.

Fran I’ve had exactly the same problem. Tried 5 times this morning to purchase tickets but got the error message (and each time I had entered my card details). Then on the 6th time it worked and the order was in the ‘My Stuff’ bit. I checked a while later and it has totally disappeared. Either I’m going to get no tickets, which is really disappointing, or I’ll get loads. This was my first time using Groupon and possibly the last, it was too much hassle this morning!

Meryl G.

Under My Stuff the message has changed from “processing” to “edit purchase”. What does that mean? I wanted 4 groupons for my family and from what I read in the discussions it didn’t matter if I ordered all four of them or if I ordered one and gifted three. I ordered the four because it is easier in a family for just one person to do groupon control. Please tell me what to expect next.

Elizabeth P.

I waited until it said sold out to realize I wanted to get this deal and then it went back to being available and was able to make my purchase so don’t give up guys. Just keep checking if you have time that is! Good luck!

Susan S.

Meryl G – is there a message beside ‘edit purchase’ that says, “your order is being processed”?

I have both on ‘my stuff’, but I think the ‘edit purchase’ is if you want to cancel, which I think you can do until you’ve received the confirmation.

Susan S.

It took 5+ hours for my confirmation to come through, but I now have my 2 tickets. As others have mentioned, some tickets have opened up since they first sold out around 3 p.m. today. I saw 6 tickets available about 20 minutes ago, but they were gone pretty quickly.

Susan S.

Sounds like you can only buy the book in person for $5., as posted above….

“you can now also buy The Chicago River Architecture Tour Book while supplies last at a huge discount when you pick up your boarding passes at the Wendella Boats ticket window for $5.00 each. "

Karen L.

This really sucks….I tried to buy this a bunch of times earlier today and kept getting “something is broken” message….now it’s sold out.

Scott K.

Ugghhh! Great deal but problems ordering earlier and now Sold Out. Oh well, “you snooze you lose”. Let’s get a Groupon for the Chicago Architecture Foundation…yeah!

Josh W.

I thought that if there is a limited quantity available of a Groupon, then it says something like “limited quantity available”. I didn’t see this but now the deal is closed.

Also why did it say 1 per person if we could buy more than 1? I didn’t purchase earlier because I wanted to check the interpretation. I guess in the future I should not read anything and buy as many as Groupon will let me.

Groupon should really get their facts straight before offering these deals.

Susan S.

Josh, a few posts mention that a limit of 20,000 was shown, but someone said this limit wasn’t shown in the offer until after a few thousand had been sold.

It doesn’t say “1 per person” … it says “1 person” which is a little confusing. I ordered two at once (i.e. I changed the quantity in the order box from 1 to 2) and have two separate Groupons, so I guess the “1 person” means that each Groupon is limited to one person.

Sylvia T.

I guess the deal is still becoming available as people are realizing they have more purchases due to the technical difficulties earlier and are editing their purchases as confirmations are being sent. I believe you have until midnight to cancel any mistakenly purchased Groupons, so these open up. If you notice in the sold out time, the most recent was a little after 9PM, so keep trying folks!

Laurie Z.

Any chance that since there was so much “technical difficulties” and some of us could not get the tickets due to this and possibly some got more than they wanted….. that those will be posted for sale at another time? I would still like to buy 2 or 4 or 6 if they will be available. Wish I had kept checking once they posted the sold out as seems others were still able to get them. Thanks!

Jerrold A T.

The site was broken and had a malfunction and emailed Groupon about it , I tried to logon to buy and couldn’t….maybe they should renew this offer to the commentors

Leavett W.

I am wondering also if this deal will repost because of all the difficulties. I tried for hours with no results.

Nancy B.

I tried to call and make a reservation but there is no answer. I was not able to leave a message either. Does anyone know how to sign up for the boat tour this Wednesday or Thursday? HELP!

Edith Y.

UGH! I forgot this ended last night =(
Does anyone know if/how I can get at least 4 tickets? Or does anyone have any extras they’d like to sell me?

Urrrgh I tried so hard to get this :( C’mon guys!


I called this afternoon around 1pm to schedule a tour. There was an automated answering machine telling me to wait for the next available representative. After a few minutes, I was transferred to a live person. They asked for my name, e-mail address, groupon numbers, and the date I would like. After settling on a time on that date, I received an order number. He told me to show up on the scheduled date and time with my groupons and the order number.

I received an e-mail a few hours later confirming my order. The messaged didn’t state my reservation though, but I’m assuming it went through.

patricia f.

Jayna I signed up for this apparently something went wrong I have no confirmation on my e-mail. I will be in Chicago on April 8,9 and 10 and needed a dozen tickets for one of those days what can I do?

patricia f.

I still have no response to my q I see that many of you out there got extras may I purchase from you or are they relisting this as there were so many problems. My time is getting short so appreciate any help.

Angela J.

Wendella is limiting the number of groupon buyers they take each day. My friend bought 5 for his family for this weekend, Wendella said they were full, so he had to purchase 5 more at full price on the site since his family is in town one weekend only. I would call early for your bookings!

Susan S.

Angela, thanks for letting us know that there is a limit to the number of groupon clients per day. Unfortunately this wasn’t posted in the original ad, and with 20,000 groupons sold, I think this could be a problem for many people, so booking ahead becomes very important.

When you do the math, the coupon is good for 244 days (April 1 – Nov. 30). Divide 20,000 groupons by 244 and you come up with an average of 82 people per day wanting to use Groupons.

I wonder what Wendella’s limit is per day … perhaps the Groupon staff can let us know this important information now.

Wow, looks like they had quite a few left over afterall.


is really deal still on? I’m trying to buy it but I can’t find any links to buy it. On bottom of page it says ’Deal is still on – 150 remaining tipped at 6.57am with 500 bought

Irene C.


I recently purchased 2 Groupons for the 75-Minute Wendella Chicago River Architecture Tour and I will be calling to schedule a tour soon. My question is can we stand or walk around on the boat during the tour? I have seen photos of the tour with everyone sitting down. Are we allowed to move around during the tour? Thanks for your assistance!

Samik M.

if anyone’s looking to unload (sell) one groupon, let me know. please contact me at docsmody@yahoo.com


Mario W.

Beware of undisclosed restrictions on this deal – tried to book the groupon for this past weekend and Wendella was not accepting any more Groupon reservations for the weekend, but was willing to sell us full price tickets for the same times.

Awesome experience! My husband and I used this Groupon this weekend. Hot day – cool breeze, TRANSFORMERS was filming, and we were right near the action.

With nearly 20,000 of these bought, I was prepared for a Groupon-Disaster. I was worried and have been scanning this forum for any tips/tricks post the Deal of the Day.

I called Sunday at about noon, booked a cruise for 2:30 and headed downtown. We had absolutely no problem whatsoever making a reservation with the telephone agent, nor the ticket agent at the river site when I picked up our hard-copy tickets.

These boats are huge, and it seems like most people make on-the-spot ticket purchases. A little advanced notice (even an hour or two on a busy Transformers-shooting day) and we had no problem.

The earlier you get there before your tour, the closer to the front of the line you stand. There isn’t much room to actually walk around on the boat, but we were able to stand on the side towards the end of tour when our legs needed it. I’d recommend siting on the top, right side of boat (as your facing the tour guide) towards the back, near the side.

Overall, amazing Sunday. Thanks, Groupon!

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