Does this deal work for brunch?

I bought Groupon to Noble – American Eatery in Philadelphia, pA. Based on my experience I WILL NEVER buy groupon for a restaurant. The manager at Noble treated us as we were second class citizens. As soon as he saw the groupon during the payment process, he came to us and said “you know this cannot be used with other deals” and apparently we had some drinks during happy hour for half off and he was trying to get us to use the groupon at another time and made such a big deal – I ended up saying whatever. Also – he was saying that he will cancel our opentable reservations because that is also considered a deal??? Be aware, you cannot make a reservation at opentable and use Groupon.

Hunter B.

Can’t speak for Noble, but I’ve used Groupons in a few other restaurants with OpenTable reservations and had no problems at all. It sounds like the person at Noble was the problem.

Kevin X.

Thank you for all your great comments and questions! Unfortunately the groupon is not valid during brunch because at we offer a $46 price fix brunch. Breakfast and afternoon tea are also excluded as they not served in our main dining room. We plan on offering a groupon for our brunch in the future so stay tuned to Groupon our next offer! Please feel free to utilize opentable for making a reservation to use your groupon and we look forward to having you here at XIX.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me Kevin.Beary@Hyatt.com

-Kevin Beary
XIX Assistant Manager

S G.

I’ve never had a problem using making a reservation with Opentable and using a Groupon. I remember that deal for Noble, and they explicitly said you had to make a reservation via phone and I thought that was wack and didn’t buy the deal because of that. That’s such a ridiculous restriction, it costs them like, a whole 25 cents to accept an Opentable reservation, what kind of business practice is that?

My general rule is that if a restaurant has an unreasonable restriction, then there’s a good chance the restaurant will be unreasonable when redeeming the Groupon.

Now, onto this XIX Groupon – I bought it, I will keep it because I would like to go to dinner, BUT – I think it is unfair and illegal to sell a Groupon like they have, with only the stated restriction of “no lunch” and then HOURS after hundreds have been sold, come onto the discussion board, which Groupon has now made harder to find, and severely restrict the terms of the Groupon (no brunch, breakfast, afternoon tea). Groupon still hasn’t clarified this on the listing. I’ve never been to XIX, how am I supposed to know what’s served where? It’s NOT clear either from XIX’s website. Wouldn’t it have been easier for Groupon just to state “DINNER ONLY”?!?!

I’ve never used Groupon with an OpenTable reservation, but I have used a few Groupons at restaurants without any trouble.

Kevin X. Please do offer a Groupon for the brunch. I am sure it would be a huge hit.

I’ve used Groupons at restaurants with no problem. The staff has always been just as friendly and attentive as if I were paying in full with cold cash. Was treated particularly well by the folks at Cichetteria 19, who seemed happy just to have me there at a slow hour.

I bought this one because Nineteen is a great restaurant and I’ve always received great service there. And the views are stunning (yes, worth the cliché word) even on a cloudy day! They don’t seem to be on OpenTable at this time, but that could be temporary.

It all reads pretty clear to me, but the clarification is appreciated.

Elizabeth A.

what does ‘Open table’ mean?

rhonda a.

Had the same problem with my Noble Groupon. They cancelled my Open Table reservation and told me that the Groupon wasn’t eligible for brunch.

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