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bObsweep Standard, PetHair or PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner &Mop

Verified Purchaser
December 16, 2018
bOb has only been home for about 4 days now. So, he is still getting used to our place. He has a few little accidents, getting stuck in odd places, can't find his way back home... He could be a bit shorter. He does not get under the kitchen cabinets. He needs a fairly large area for docking. And appears not to like dark/black rugs. I suspect he thinks it's a cliff. His random cleaning path is interesting misses a few spots. Yet, cleans more than I would on a daily basis. He is perfect for cleaning under our king size bed! In general, we love him and find him wildly entertaining.

bObsweep Standard, PetHair or PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner &Mop

Verified Purchaser
December 15, 2018
Love it I sweep my floors everyday. My friends say I have a spotless house and the 2year old Akita hair is never seen throughout my home however, the BOB is find stuff I missed the Debree collector his phone every time it cleans. It struggles on a llama rug and sometimes get stuck on cables like me phone charger. Extremely happy with this purchase.

bObi Pet or Classic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop by bObsweep

Verified Purchaser
November 30, 2018
Not sure yet, but will give my review when They use it. It's a Christmas present, so hope were not disappointed