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Tailtoys Dog Feeder Tumbler Ball Increases IQ Toy

Mary Beth
Verified Purchaser
February 9, 2020
Pros: Dogs figured it out quickly, and enjoyed the toy. Works like advertised. Cons: My dog is a Houdini and figured out how to take the top off the toy after the third time playing with it... Now he’s figuring out how to take tops off of everything. Including the Tupperware with cake 0.0

MultiPet Lambchop Plush Dog Toy with Squeaker

Verified Purchaser
October 12, 2019
My pup loved it. To death. The toy is adorable and well-made but it won’t stand up to a super-chewer. That’s OK though; he’s torn up supposedly indestructible and much pricier toys just as quickly. Right now he just happily carries around Lambchop’s gutted shell and enjoys life. That’s ok with me. Note: my non-destructive dog has this same toy. It has lasted for two+ years.

Durable Clutch-Ball Dog Toys

Verified Purchaser
February 11, 2020
Dog loves the 7" red ones. Get the hollow, rubber like clutch ball, not the foam filled clutch ball (I think it has 'flex' in the description.

Spot Sensory Rubber Sented Ball Dog Toy

Verified Purchaser
December 17, 2019
My dog LOVES this ball. It has some type of a little bell inside so it makes noise if you shake/throw/roll it. It also squeaks if you squeeze it. It is extremely thick/tough/durable. Would absolutely recommend for anyone whose dog loves balls and loves chewing.

MultiPet Lambchop Standing Plush Dog Toy 13" with Squeaker

Verified Purchaser
November 21, 2019
I just love the MultiPet Lambchop Standing Pet Toy I got for gifts for a couple of chihuahuas for their birthdays and I know they’ll love them too! They are adorable AND they squeak!