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Aqua Plant Watering Globes Automatic Watering Ball Plant Bulbs

Verified Purchaser
March 21, 2019
The suction is great however the hose end is not as flexible to work around corners and tight curves. Also the tip is just abruptly cut and wouldn’t fit into narrow space. Would be nice with a narrow tip option and longer to reach farther.

Watering Cans: Dachshund, Flying Pig, Flamingo, and Unicorn

Verified Purchaser
December 19, 2018
It is the cutest flamingo watering can! One concern, as you pour water out its beak, water snaps back so be careful not to drip on coffee tables, etc.

Hand-Blown Clear Glass Plant Watering Aqua Globes (2- Pack)

Verified Purchaser
June 23, 2019
Very much like these delicate watering birds, elegant and certainly useful when not able to water every day

Aqua Plant Watering Globes Automatic Watering Ball Plant Bulbs

Verified Purchaser
February 28, 2019
I like the color of the water globes. Can’t wait to use them.

Big Boss Aqua Stream Clear Ultra-Light 50Ft. Garden Hose

Verified Purchaser
July 7, 2019
This Garden Hose is Awesome !! I will Totally only be buying this type from now on :) Thanks