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Pure Garden 5 foot Tropical Palm Artificial Tree

Verified Purchaser
June 29, 2016
I Love it - got it from Groupon a week ago and it looks like the real deal and is as full and healthy as it looks here. In fact, its better in reality. It came in a really solid, sturdy, heavy duty cardboat box over 5ft height with 2 solid cables holding the box shut. It comes in that little pot you can see and it quite solid to stand up. Love the quality - may buy another! Perfect for a balcony like mine where I want the greeness of plants but not the buzzy noise of creatures!!

Pure Garden Artificial Flowers or Plants in Basket

Verified Purchaser
May 17, 2019
Love the look. I’ll be hanging it in my patio. Won’t know how it will hold up until it is there for awhile! But I do intend to buy more

Pure Garden 5 Foot Ficus Artificial Tree

Verified Purchaser
September 28, 2018
Exactly what I was looking for. A full artificial plant. A perfect fit.

Pure Garden Artificial Ficus Microphylla Leaf Wreath

Verified Purchaser
July 6, 2019
Great look at a good price. We have it hanging on our front door with a metal "welcome" ring overlaid over the top

48 inch Pure Garden Boxwood Spiral Tree

Verified Purchaser
November 25, 2016
Really like the rubber leaves. Very real looking. The trunk is OK as far a looking like the real thing.