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Lavish Home Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Verified Purchaser
July 17, 2018
OMG, huge difference. My old mattress was super soft and after airing out the memory foam for 2 days, put it on my bed. The topper firmed up my bed just enough and I am so happy I splurged and bought it. It looks like an egg crate topper, but a softer material. I put it egg crate up to have a cooler night sleep. I don't feel like it made the bed hotter or cooler. Would definitely buy another!

Lavish Home Down and Duck Feather 4" Gusset Mattress Topper

Verified Purchaser
April 14, 2019
Really great product! I would just put another fitter on the bed because the feathers will poke out sometimes.

Lavish Home 100% Duck Feather 2" Gusset Topper

Verified Purchaser
July 23, 2017
The featherbed is lightweight, yet adds both support and comfort over my mattress. Love it!