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Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves for Pain Relief

Verified Purchaser
December 6, 2018
I love these, when I take them off after wearing them, I can actually bend my fingers and touch the palm of my hands. I wear them probably 1 - 2 hours on and off throughout the day when I can. Well worth the buy.

KT Tape Original 10" Strips (150-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
October 2, 2018
The tape is great. I appreciate getting it in this volume. I hated going to the store all of the time and many times I couldn't find it.

KT Tape Pro-Elastic Tape for Pain Relief and Support

Verified Purchaser
June 29, 2017
Husband loves this. He uses it during his workouts since he just had knee surgery and it helps to hold his knee cap in place.

KT Tape Strips, Patches, or Spray

Verified Purchaser
February 10, 2019
Arrived earlier than expected! So far have only tried it one week but it has worked!id you’ve tried the KT tape I’d definitely recommended trying the patches.

Gurin Portable Ultrasound Device for Pain Relief

Verified Purchaser
August 6, 2018
This thing is beyond amazing! It really helps my neck, back, and knee! I got rid of a big bruise once in just a couple of days!