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Pyle PRJG95 1080p Full HD Multimedia LCD Projector

Verified Purchaser
March 18, 2019
Groupon purchase of the year so far! The picture displays very clear with a few adjustments. It's basically plug and play. The price was great, I'm so glad I took a chance on the this item.

Pyle PRJG88 Compact Digital Multimedia Projector with 80" Display

Verified Purchaser
June 13, 2017
I purchased this compact projector and it works great and is in good value. Very reasonable priced. A good deal. I love Groupon!

Pyle PRJG74 Compact Digital Multimedia Projector

Verified Purchaser
November 25, 2018
Great projector for the price. Have used this for presentations. Sharp image. Large and focused. Volume is a bit on the low side. Otherwise, I would have given it a 5/5. It is very lightweight and easy to transport.

Pyle 1080p Full HD Multimedia LCD Projector for Screens Up to 160"

Verified Purchaser
February 20, 2019
I feel like this projector is the best bang for your $ I would not recommend getting the option with the android OS. its 17 dollars more and its glitchy. Your likely gonna add a chromecast stick to it anyways. Speakers are very basic. I connected my w my soundbar. My guest love it. I have its projected upagaint my HUGE white wall and awesome. Pics dont do it justice. Resolution is actually good!

Pyle PRJAND615 HD Hi-Res Smart 1080p Projector for Screens Up to 120''

Verified Purchaser
April 1, 2016
After a lot of research i ended up purchasing this product after reading mixed reviews. It has a great brightness and performs well in even a partially lit room. The "smart" capabilities are outstanding, its able to act alone with being connected psychically to a computer making its uses unlimited. Projected at about 100" it is still pretty easy to get a good viewing focus. The fan is audible but not what i consider overly so, especially considering the max speaker volume of the product its self. The leg it has to raise up usually results in the image being a little tilted but easily remedied by adjusting the balance. Overall, i am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend!