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Let’s not split hairs: shampoo and conditioner are personal-hygiene essentials. Yet hair has such a variety of types, colors, and styles that shopping for the right shampoo—or most hair products, for that matter—is a personal experience. To that end, Groupon carries an ever-rotating variety of items to help you find the right way to clean (and smooth) your hair, including formulas from popular brands such as Bed Head and L’Oreal.

Find the Right Product for Your Hair’s Quirks

When sorting through the wide variety of shampoos and conditioners, it helps to know the best products for your hair type. For instance, an ideal shampoo for oily hair might be a can of dry shampoo—which is also a convenient way to clean hair between washes—while a thick, creamy conditioner is among the most effective curly hair products.

Protect Your Hair—or the Environment

Shampoo can do much more than clean your hair, of course—it can also protect your hair from dreaded frizz and other environmental hazards. If split ends are your worry, you may want to consider switching to a deep conditioner, which helps prevent breakage while repairing damage from heat and harsh chemicals. You might be looking to protect more than your hair, which is why natural hair products—such as organic shampoo made with argan oil—help nourish hair with vegan, paraben-free ingredients.