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Personal care can be a delicate daily dance, but with the aid of Groupon, the right tools (from top brands such as Braun and Gillette) can make shaving and grooming much easier. For instance, if you like a little scruff on your face, the right beard trimmer ensures that you won’t take off too much or too little. Removing body hair can be much easier with a safety razor or epilator. And if you prefer to cut your or your family’s hair at home, a well-stocked haircut kit can work wonders.

Keeping Your Facial Hair Well-Kempt

Most men’s razors provide a closer shave than those designed for women, making them ideal for those who prefer the smooth, clean-shaven look. If you don’t use disposable razor blades, keep your cabinets stocked with replacement Gillette cartridges or cartridges compatible with your chosen brand. Complement it with a shaving brush, which, in addition to adding an extra dash of classiness to grooming, exfoliates your skin to prevent ingrown hairs and reduce irritation. But if you like to keep your scruff intact, a beard trimmer can help keep you from looking too wild, with beard oil serving as a nourishing styling tool.

Managing Body Hair

If you’re just looking to shave your legs, most women's razors are designed for exactly that. And if you’re looking for an extra-close shave, try out a safety razor, whose single-blade design tends to provide a better shave and reduce irritation. If you have super-sensitive skin or are wary of sharp edges, try using an epilator, which removes unwanted hairs by grasping the follicles and pulling them out, sort of like an electric set of tweezers. And if you’re a newbie, try starting out with an electric razor; they’re usually safer than their manual counterparts and typically result in fewer cuts.