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10 Tiers Closet Storage Cabine Shoe Rack w/Dustproof Cover 4 Colors

Verified Purchaser
August 27, 2020
Very easy to assemble and holds a lot of shoes. Love the covering so it looks like a closet and what is inside is hidden away.

Under-Bed & Closet Storage Organizing Bags (2- or 4-Bags)

Verified Purchaser
August 23, 2020
Was very pleased with the amount of items I was able to place in the bags. My only problem was sliding it under the bed. I have a disability and cannot get down on my knees to push it under the bed. It would be helpful if the sides had a firm, possibly cardboard piece to keep it from bunching up while being positioned under the bed. But I do love the product.

Space-Saving As Seen on TV Shoe Slotz (10, 20, or 30-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
August 3, 2020
a much better way to organize shoes in on's closet, keeping them off the floor. Thank you

6 Drawers Integrated Acrylic Makeup Case Cosmetics Organizer

Verified Purchaser
November 4, 2019
I got it for my daughter for Christmas. But I’m sure she will love it. I already have one and I know I do

10 Tiers Closet Storage Cabine Shoe Rack w/Dustproof Cover 4 Colors

Verified Purchaser
July 12, 2020
Very easy to assemble. Holds a lot of shoes. Great purchase 👍🏻

Find Storage Solutions for Your Home on Groupon

When it comes to keeping a home organized and clutter-free, there is no one-size-fits-all storage solution. Each space in the house has its own needs, and Groupon can help you develop organization ideas room by room, item by item, thanks to an ever-changing selection of home storage items and accessories.


Closets are the obvious place to start when it comes to home organization. The sole purpose of a closet is to keep things out of the way, which can run the risk of making them into de facto dumping grounds. To help, Groupon's editors have offered a few thoughtful storage ideas that make use of our online selection of shoe holders, specialized hangers, and similar items. Next, the bathroom, another place ripe for creativity. For instance, a clear makeup organizer helps wrangle everyone's products into a manageable space. Whatever you consider a bigger chore—working from home or homeworking—Groupon helps you build the ideal setting with a variety of home office furniture, including desks and bookcases, and laundry accessories (also a great idea for someone heading off to their first dorm).


While pursuing your organization ideas, don't neglect the outdoors. Groupon can help you get organized with storage solutions such as a garden-hose reel or a shed to park your lawnmower (or just add some much-needed space). Outfitting the garage with shelves and workshop tables is also an excellent way to add a whole extra room to your home storage options.