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SweetHeart Beauty Gummy Vitamin Supplements Variety Pack (1- or 7- Pack)

Verified Purchaser
July 31, 2020
I heard ginger and turmeric is good for u so when I seen the combination I purchased . Taste is good ! You cannot taste the ginger or tumeric .

Premium Grade Vitamin B12 Drops

Verified Purchaser
August 1, 2020
I am beginning to feel the aging process catching up with me and my energy level is slowing down. I had hoped to find some relief in taking the B-12 but the results have been more than expected. The first dose made me feel immediate relief. I am hooked and more than happy to endorse!

VitaPatch Vitamin B-12 and Guarana Slimming Patches (30-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
August 5, 2020
With OOVID my energy levels have been dragging & I’m trying to stay out of public places, so no B-12 shots. So, I decided to try these patches instead & they’re amazing! They’re just as effective (or very close) as shots. My 3 daughters are home & they were complaining about lack of energy - so I slapped a patch on their arms & they love them too!

Garcinia Cambogia with Biotin plus Garcinia with Apple Cider Vinegar Combo

Verified Purchaser
July 31, 2020
This is the 2nd tell I've ordered this combo and I'm losing weight and hair is stronger than ever so I love it I will order again.

Juice Cleanse Detox - Raw Fountain - All Natural -Cold Pressed - 1 3 5 7 Day

Verified Purchaser
August 9, 2020
Juice was still cold when received. Very filling. Didn’t have to eat too much at the end of the day. Maybe a salad, avocado, or fruit. Only suggestion is to use boxes that are better labeled “This side up.” One of the caps on the beet juice was cracked and leaked a little-not too bad but enough to infer they had not kept the right side of the box “up”.