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OnTek Universal 7"–8" Folio Tablet Case and Stand with Swivel Grip

Verified Purchaser
November 13, 2017
Everything I expected

OnTek 7" Case for Samsung Tab 4 Tablets

John B.
Verified Purchaser
December 8, 2017
It was a better cover than the one that was specific for Samsung.

OnTek Universal 7"–8" Folio Tablet Case and Stand with Swivel Grip

Susheela N.
Verified Purchaser
October 15, 2017
It works for the purpose but is not as finished as I would have liked it to be.

OnTek 7" Case for Samsung Tab 4 Tablets

Kathy R.
Verified Purchaser
December 1, 2017
I love the color and the fit.

OnTek Universal 7"–8" Folio Tablet Case and Stand with Swivel Grip

Linda B.
Verified Purchaser
September 24, 2017
love the 7" tablet case

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