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Groceries, Pet Supplies, and Household Essentials on Groupon

When you need groceries, Groupon can save you an errand. Every day, you'll find a fresh assortment of snacks and drinks that run the gamut from healthy to decadent, as well as pet supplies and household essentials for storing food, eliminating odors, and cleaning up messes.


No two people's taste in food is the same. Whatever you're hankering for, you can find it quickly on Groupon by filtering brands, prices, and food types. Healthy-minded parents can help their kids avoid temptation with hummus dip and freeze-dried apple slices (though they may want to squirrel away some gourmet macarons for themselves). Coffee, tea, and other drinks come in every form from K-cups to infuser kits. You can also have bare-essential groceries delivered to your home, such as pasta (including gluten-free options) and quinoa seeds.

Pet Supplies

Admit it, it's fun to spoil a pet, be they dog, cat, bird, or fish. Practical-minded animal-owners can outfit their home with carriers, gates, beds, grooming accessories, and other essential pet supplies. But doesn't it make a better Instagram photo to dress your dog in a tiny metallic parka? Or put a disinterested glare on your cat's face with an elaborate climbing tree?

Candy, Sweets, and Gift Baskets

Everyone deserves candy and sweets every now and then. Nothing says "Thanks, neighbor" quite like a gourmet gift basket overflowing with chocolate, cured meats, and herb-roasted nuts. If your kids do their chores, replace the carrot in "carrot-and-stick" with sour gummy worms, lollipops, and other delights from brands like Jelly Belly and Trolli.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Is alcohol a household essential? Depends on who you ask, but yes. Aspiring oenophiles might want to survey the terroir with a wine subscription before shopping for specific varietals they like. Beer fans can follow a similar acumen with a beer-of-the-month club—or make their own with a beer-brewing kit. Smokers, meanwhile, can shop for both tobacco products like cigar sampler packs and 21st-century gadgets like vaporizer kits and e-cigarettes from brands like Hookah Town and Zebra Smoke.