Atlanta, Georgia, the most populous city in the state, is part of a growing megalopolis that includes a vast number of roadways. Proper preparation for navigating the area's highways and byways require that residents know of a few good, reliable Atlanta auto repair shops in the area. Knowing the locations of associated services, such as quality car washes, is also helpful.

Finding a good auto repair shop in any city can be difficult. In Atlanta, one of the best choices for a car shop capable of handling internal repairs is Catherine's Auto Repair on Southland Circle. At Catherine's, solid repair knowledge is combined with great customer service and quick, efficient workmanship to get each customer's car serviced and back out the door in as little time as possible. Its class on car care that teaches basic automotive care and maintenance should keep drivers on the road much longer between shop visits. A second location on Piedmont Circle provides the same high-quality service.

When it comes to repairing exterior damage on Atlanta's vehicles, Kong's Body Shop on Cheshire Bridge Road provides a wide range of services. Kong's will fix nearly any auto-body issue, ranging from major collision repairs to the replacement of a broken windshield. In addition to repairs, Kong's mechanics provide customization services, perform paint jobs regularly, and install custom audio systems or security systems that keep thieves at bay.

In Atlanta, keeping a car looking good is almost as important as keeping it in perfect running condition. Although a number of businesses in the area offer a good car wash, Cactus Car Wash on Piedmont Road stands out from the rest by providing a truly outstanding wash that leaves cars looking and smelling good. Cactus offers a long list of services, from a basic wash to car detailing, that leaves many cars looking showroom fresh. It is the perfect place for a car wash after the vehicle has been serviced at other Atlanta auto repair shops.

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