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Massage in Atlanta

Is it time for a massage? Atlanta, lucky for you, is rich with options. Whether you want a relaxing Swedish session or a more-intense deep tissue massage, or even just a bonding couples massage, Atlanta’s favorite spots can be found here. Peruse this list and you just might find the best massage in Atlanta.

Healing Hands Massage & Wellness


The licensed massage therapists at Healing Hands Massage & Wellness pride themselves on the personalized care they give each and every achy muscle that comes into their hands. After free consultations, therapists swoop in to relieve stress drawing from a variety of modalities, which range from aromatherapy-enriched Swedish massage to energy unblocking reflexology. Flexible appointments help busy professionals squeeze in relaxation whenever it’s convenient for them, and a selection of supportive undergarments are available for purchase to help provide support for desk workers and expectant mothers.


See what our customers are saying:

“I took my boyfriend here for a much needed massage. We were quite impressed. The venue was nice and serene. [I] received wine upon arrival. And our masseuse helped to make the experience a bit more comfortable . . . Overall a great experience and a nice massage.” – Moya M.


“We had a great experience at Healing Hands. They have a very soothing ambience, and are very catering and friendly to your health conditions and needs. Did a couples massage and it was very relaxing, ended with a nice foot scrub. Overall, had a great experience and would recommend try[ing] it out!” – SRINI V.


“Our experience was fantastic from start to finish. They were very welcoming and made the process so smooth. The massage was excellent and they took their time to make sure they focused on our problem areas as well as massaging the rest of [the] body. We will definitely be back!” – Emily S.

“Everything was amazing. The ambiance. The staff. The owner. I would definitely return and recommend anyone in the area or visiting to give Healing Hands a try. I loved it.” – Teja G.

Golden Foot & Body Massage


Golden Foot & Body Massage understands that daily stresses can have an effect on the body. That's why their team of qualified bodywork therapists perform an array of massages using high-quality oils and effective modalities. Whether clients come in for a chair, foot, or therapeutic massage, Golden Foot & Body Massage wants to help them relax and unwind.


See what our customers are saying:


“The "jelly" foot massage was great! The additive to the soaking water turns it thick, and it's a very relaxing sensation, then they add another packet and [the] "jelly" dissolves completely. Nice facility, good foot massage.” – Josephine S.


“I have been to many foot massage places, and this one by far is the very best. They even massage your head while your feet are soaking, unlike the others. I have been back since using the Groupon and will continue to do so!” – Carolyn A.

“OMG! I most definitely will be back! The staff is very professional and attentive. I came just to get a foot massage but ended up getting a full body massage and I feel so relaxed.” – Chelsea J.


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LeHua Spa

Live bamboo, murals of swimming koi, and dragon statues lend a distinctly Eastern atmosphere to LeHua Spa’s interior. Though the decor follows Oriental influences, the services span both hemispheres. Therapists perform Swedish massages to soothe sore muscles alongside reflexology treatments to relieve energy blockages throughout the body. To boost relaxation efforts, the traditional sauna cranks up the temperature, inducing healthful sweating while easing pain in muscles and joints. And, when not soothing muscles, the spa's staff cleanses skin using a variety of scrubs—including rice bran, pecan shells, and ground coffee—that exfoliate, smooth, and hydrate skin.


See what our customers are saying:


“This was one of my best massage experiences. The pressure was great and the atmosphere was extremely relaxing. I also enjoyed the sauna (but you have to like it hot).” – Randall


“My favorite place to get a massage in the Atlanta area. They are always prompt and professional. Amazing service, amazing massage.” – Jasmine H.


“They are a great little spa. I have actually been back since and loved it.” – Christina B.

“The BEST massage, hot stone, sauna AND body scrub EVER!” – Tine E.

Four Massage Styles


Maybe you’re new to massage, or maybe you haven’t had anything besides a Swedish for awhile—either way, choosing from all the modalities some spas have to offer can make your head spin. To help you decode those massage styles, we’ve got a rundown of the most popular, to help you decide what to choose at your next session.


Swedish Massage

  • How they do it: strokes are long and gliding, kneading and circular motions are gentle; each movement is geared towards simple relaxation
  • What you get out of it: relief from superficial tension; circulation boost
  • Best for: massage newbies or those who need mild tension relief


Deep-Tissue Massage


  • How they do it: strokes and kneading are more intense; each movement is geared toward releasing deep-seated tightness
  • What you get out of it: chronic tension relief, increased range of motion
  • Best for: those with tension deep in the muscles; chronic pain


Shiatsu Massage

  • How they do it: strong strokes, with the therapist also using elbows, knees, and sometimes feet
  • What you get out of it: improved circulation and oxytocin production which provides stress release
  • Best for: those curious about Eastern massage and in need of relief from serious tension


Trigger-Point Massage

  • How they do it: strokes similar to deep tissue but target to specific areas, instead of chronic tension in general
  • What you get out of it: the easing of pain and tension from issues such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and stiff joints
  • Best for: those who have any of the above ailments—and who like pain that’s so bad it’s good

For more on these and other massage styles, click here.