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  • Cedar Haven Wellness + Arts
    Cedar Haven Wellness + Arts' attentive yoga instructors tap their wealth of knowledge and years of experience to help students of all abilities to build and expand their yoga practice. The studio?s schedule of yoga classes delivers accessible, thoughtful sessions Monday?Friday in a practice space with gleaming hardwood floors, exposed brick, and warm wooden accents. The rustic setting lends a deeply peaceful atmosphere, helping students to settle fidgety spirit animals during one-hour classes. Sessions include soothing slow flows, when students focus on deep-breathing techniques while a series of gentle postures restores motion to rusty joints. Dynamic yoga and martial-arts-movement sessions combine stretching and core work with fluid martial-arts moves to hone strength, balance, and the ability to wax a car to Mr. Miyagi's high standards. Though not included with this Groupon, Cedar Haven also offers workshops and classes in massage therapy, music, and art.
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    1910 Highway 1016
    Berea, KY US
  • Jazzercise National
    Today, it's undeniable: Jazzercise is a worldwide empire, spanning more than 1,800 locations and 32,000 weekly classes across the globe. It's also hip; gone are the leotards and legwarmers of the 1980s, replaced with a high-intensity blend of cardio, strength training, kickboxing and power yoga performed to hits by chart-toppers from Shakira to Justin Timberlake. The class formats, which vary according to different toning goals, are just as diverse as the program's move set, with recent additions such as Fusion, Core, and Strike broadening the workouts' variety and application. Instructors cultivate a noncompetitive atmosphere where all exercisers?with the exception of those marked as cursed by jazz-hand palm readers?are welcome regardless of age, build, or fitness background. This sense of community keeps Jazzercise devotees coming back, but so too do the results; benefits ranging from weight loss and boosted core strength to increased flexibility and stress relief. Jazzercise's continued success can be traced to the innovation of its founder, Judi Sheppard Missett. While teaching jazz dance in the 1960s, she decided to step away from tradition by offering an experimental class that allowed her students to simply dance without the judgment of mirrors or the constraints of rigid technique. Little did she know that this ?just for fun? class was the prototype for what would become the Jazzercise sensation.
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    359 Court St.
    Pekin, IL US
  • Fitness Friends & Fun
    24/7 Fitness Friends and Fun is a gym on a mission. So named because founder Veronica Rosignoli believes that clients can love exercise if fitness routines are community-oriented and fun, this fitness center prides itself on being welcoming and accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Here, members will find cardio and strength-training machines, 37 group fitness classes per week, free weights, personal training, and nutritional counseling, as well as free childcare in the afternoons and early evenings.
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    505 Mount Vernon Road
    Berea, KY US

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