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Where Are the Best Places to See the Milky Way? BY: STEPHANIE MCDANIEL | 6.3.2014

Astronomers from the Adler Planetarium share their favorite spots for stargazing.

Things to Do in Boston: Week of July 21–27, 2014
This week is jam-packed with events that celebrate both summer and history, from a ‘50s-themed dinner cruise to Civil War–era baseball. We’re also throwing in an ‘80s metal band, a turn-of-the-century kids’ author, and some bacon, just for good measure. Check Groupon for even more things to do in Boston.
Date Night in Two Square Blocks: Kendall Square
Home to some of the country’s most prestigious universities, Cambridge has always been known as a hotbed of intellectual and cultural sophistication. However, if you look beyond the MIT buildings that surround Cambridge Center, you’ll find some quaint side streets filled with character, unpretentious fun, and delicious restaurants from some of the city’s top chefs. Here’s your guide to a relaxed date night around Kendall Square.
Things to Do in Boston: Week of July 14, 2014
This week is all about funk bands, boats, and beer. Check out the live music and free boat rides in the Charlestown Navy Yard, and drop in to an epic beer festival showcasing New England’s best craft brewers. Don’t forget to check Groupon first for more things to do in Boston.
Things to Do in Boston: Week of July 7, 2014
Summer’s heating up, and we’ve got a few ways to cool off. Try a free museum night, a beer- and animal-themed fundraiser, and—of course—ice cream. Or check Groupon for more fun things to do in Boston.
A Guide to Summer on the Esplanade
We are lucky in Boston to have so many amazing green spaces to choose from, whether right in the city or quite nearby. One of my favorite places to get a dose of greenery is the Charles River Esplanade. In between Storrow Drive and the Charles River, the Esplanade extends for 3 miles between the Museum of Science and the Boston University Bridge and is connected to Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, and the West End by a series of footbridges. Huge crowds gather on the Esplanade on July Fourth for the fireworks and Boston Pops concert, but there are lots of reasons to spend time on the Esplanade all summer long. Here are a few of Boston’s coolest things to do on the riverbanks.
Things to Do in Boston: Week of June 30, 2014
This week’s all about the good ol’ US of A. Celebrate an all-American art form during hip-hop trivia, partake in a Fourth of July fireworks tradition, or learn more about our country’s revolutionary founders during an interactive scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to check Groupon for more things to do in Boston.
Things to Do in Boston: Week of June 23, 2014
Summer has officially begun, and this itinerary should help you start the season on a high note. Take a break with wine and chocolate, play hooky at a tech-centric museum, and celebrate Jamaica's favorite seasoning at an outdoor street fest. Don’t forget to check Groupon for more great things to do in Boston.
A Day Along the HarborWalk
We are so lucky in Boston to be by the water. There is no place I would rather be on a warm day than by the ocean with a salt breeze off the water. In fact, the water’s edge is one of my favorite places to be, no matter the season!
The Zakim Bridge as a Symbol of Boston
There are some images that anchor you to a specific place – the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe signify Paris, the Statue of Liberty stands in for New York. In Boston, there are a few specific sights that create that sense of locale. For me, those icons include the Citgo sign (of course!), and the Zakim Bridge.
Getting Crafty in Jamaica Plain
One of the many great advantages of living in a city like Boston is access to workshops and classes. Whether you are looking to hone your history knowledge or test your glass blowing skills, there’s the opportunity to learn - and who knows, you may just find a new hobby along the way. (Find more crafts to explore with deals on things to do in Boston.)
Boston's Bowling Havens
Boston isn’t a town much known for its love of traditional ten-pin bowling. But the lanes the city does have are as varied as the color schemes at an all-night cosmic bowling session. From flashy, high-tech Kings in the Back Bay, serving up fancy cocktails and creative dishes with each frame, to the decidedly more low-key and family-friendly Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream and 20th Century Bowling, it’s possible for anyone to enjoy a session at the lanes, and at nearly any budget.
Live Music in the City
In high school, my best friend and I would trek into the city from our Boston suburb many weekends. Our frequent destination: Harvard Square’s Club Passim. As an eighteen year old, there weren’t many options for enjoying city nightlife. Club Passim was a very welcome exception. Still to this day, I savor evenings listening to live folk music in the intimate Palmer Street setting.
Walking the Freedom Trail
It is so easy to miss out on the tourist attractions in the city where you live. As a visitor, your focus can be on getting to know a place in just a few days, while at home, there is work to finish, laundry to be done, and friends to see, and sometimes that doesn’t leave much space for playing the tourist on your home turf. After spending some time living and traveling in France, I realized the benefits of really bringing the perspective of a tourist to your own city, and since coming back to Boston I’ve been trying to bring a little more “staycation” into our time at home.
Reenact the Boston Tea Party at Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums
Boston is synonymous with much of America’s storied history. Perhaps most importantly, Beantown rightfully claims its place as the birthplace of the American Revolution. On December 16, 1773, the Boston Tea Party officially kicked off the revolution when the Sons of Liberty tossed a taxable tea sent by the British East India Company into the Boston Harbor to protest unnecessary impositions by the Monarchy.
Touring Fenway Park
The Red Sox have emerged as World Series champions three times in less than ten years, and the fans of Red Sox Nation simply couldn’t be happier. To celebrate, diehard locals and history-buff tourists have taken to scheduling a behind-the-scenes tour of legendary Fenway Park, which challenges Chicago’s Wrigley Field for the title of America's most beloved baseball stadium.
Best Tours of The City
There are many historic ways to explore Boston on your own, but only a few unique options to discover the city by tour. Instead of taking a solo walk along the Freedom Trail, sign up for one of these group sightseeing excursions that will provide a new perspective of the city.
A Saturday in Harvard Square
From the funk of Brattle Street to the charm of Harvard Yard, spending an afternoon in Harvard Square is always welcome. Grab a book from the Coop and spend some time solo - or meet up with friends for a fun afternoon in Cambridge.
A Fall Road Trip
Between the back-to-school rush and hurried craze of the holiday season, late fall is always an unexpected surprise. The short days invite us to take time to slow down and retreat before the winter arrives in full form. Although the city has so much to offer, there’s nothing quite like getting out of town to only be greeted by the astonishment of its rural beauty.
Exploring Fort Point
Boston has so many wonderful neighborhoods, and Fort Point is one of my favorites. This area of South Boston extends east from Fort Point Channel towards the new construction of the Seaport District. The mix of converted brick warehouses and modern glass buildings creates a unique atmosphere that feels both historical and contemporary.