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What an Axe-Throwing Session Is Like BY: DAN DELAGRANGE | 11.30.2017

An axe throwing session will destroy stress, make you sweat, and let you unleash your inner lumberjack.

Ideas for the Best Kids Birthday Party Venues
Inspiration for kids birthday party venues that are fun and memorable—and don't include bouncy houses. Not that there's anything wrong with bouncy houses.
Carriage Rides in Charleston: 5 Tips Before Climbing Aboard
What's the best way to see Charleston's historic mansions and churches? These carriage rides, of course.
Dallas on a Budget: How to Do a Weekend for $300
Yes, you can see museums, ride a zipline, and stuff yourself full of tacos and still do Dallas on a budget.
The Best Thing to Do in Every Part of Metro Dallas
Metro Dallas is freaking huge. Find out the best activities in the city itself, plus major metro cities like Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, and more.
Charleston, SC on a Budget: How to Do a Weekend for $300
Want to visit Charleston, SC on a budget? It can be done–here's how to be frugal with your hotel, stick to cheap eats, and spend less on tours.
A Grown-Ups' Guide to Indoor Trampoline Parks
What is there for grown-ups to do at an indoor trampoline park? Two words: SO MUCH.
10 Non-Touristy Things to Do in Portland
From stunning waterfall-laden hikes to hidden soda fountains, our list of non touristy things to do in Portland might even surprise locals.
What an Axe-Throwing Session Is Like
An axe-throwing session will destroy stress, make you sweat, and let you unleash your inner lumberjack.
Budget Travel in Seattle: How to Do a Weekend for $400
Budget travel doesn't mean boring. Here's how to spend a fun-filled weekend in Seattle on the cheap.
The 7 Most Patriotic Things to Do in Philadelphia
Tour the building where independence was declared, see the final resting place of Ben Franklin, and find more patriotic things to do in Philadelphia.
Where Should We Go: Water Park or Amusement Park?
Many families opt for an easy-to-love trip to an amusement or water park, but which one is best for you?
Pike Place Market: See It or Skip It?
Pike Place Market is the most heavily trafficked tourist destination in Seattle. But is it worth your time? We visited to find out.
San Diego Zoo Tips for the Perfect Visit
Get San Diego Zoo tips from an official ambassador, including what to see, when to go, and what to bring to make your trip an all-timer.
Medieval Times: A Day in the Life of a Knight
We spoke with a Medieval Times knight to get a better idea of what it's like to be a bonafide protector of the realm.
The 7 Best Things to Do in Niagara Falls with Kids
Take in the Falls from a giant Ferris Wheel, see amazing artifacts at the Ripley's Odditorium, and find more fun things to do with kids in Niagara Falls.
Simple Landscaping Ideas to Inspire Your Yard
These simple landscaping ideas from pictures taken around the world should give you ample inspiration for what to do with your yard.
I Had a Tarot Card Reading. And She Made Me Cry.
With a healthy dose of skepticism, I entered the Astrology Boutique. What happened there was exactly what I'd hoped.
How Long Does a Roof Last? (and Other Roofing FAQs)
Is your roof showing signs of leakage, or old age? If you're wondering "how long does a roof last?" or "how much does a roof cost," we'll fill you in.
20 of the Coolest Zipline Tours to Take Your Breath Away
Gain a perspective that you might only get if you were flying like a bird or holding a pair of flying squirrels.
7 Whitewater Rafting Tips for First-Timers
You're sure you want to sit in the front row?
Things to Do in Orange County in July: How to Save $100 a Week
Kayak off Balboa Peninsula, catch Pentatonix in concert, and find more fun things to do in Orange County in July.
Things to Do in Minneapolis in July: How to Save $100 a Week
Gorge on unlimited bacon and beer samples, walk the field before a Minnesota United FC game, and find other great things to do in Minneapolis in July with this guide.
The Pros and Cons of Doggy Daycare
Is doggy daycare right for your pup? Take a look at this list to help you decide.
7 Things to Do with Kids in Phoenix
Pet stingrays at the Phoenix Zoo, pedal the Skycycle at the Arizona Science Center, and find other fun things to do in Phoenix with kids.
Mingle with 1,000 Butterflies at The Butterfly Haven at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Over 40 species of butterflies flutter by in this lush indoor garden at the Butterfly Haven at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Inside the Stomach-Churning World of Roller Coaster Design
Find out how a roller design engineer uses physics, creativity, and a lifelong passion for thrills to design coasters all around the world.
Niagara Falls on a Budget: How to Do a Weekend for $300
Stay within walking distance of the Falls, plus check out attractions like the SkyWheel and Wine Country tours with this guide to doing Niagara Falls on a budget.
Chicago's Best Date Night is...a Planetarium? A Spotlight on Adler After Dark
We talk with Kyle Sater, Adler After Dark's program manager, to find out more about Adler Planetarium's popular monthly event that centers around a theme.
Under-the-Radar Chicago Museums You Won't Believe
An Assyrian statue of a bull with wings and a human head that towers over 16 feet? Yes, please.
Things to Do Alone: How to Go on a Date with Yourself
Who says date night can't be about finding things to do alone? Let our list inspire your bravery.
Father's Day Gifts That Aren't Ties
Out of creative ideas for Father's day gifts? Our list is here to save the holiday.
What to Wear to the Ballet (And Other FAQs)
Enjoy an elegant evening at the theater—the right way. We'll answer your questions on what to wear to a ballet performance, how to act, and much more.
How Competitive Should You Get on Date Night?
Things can get rocky when date night games turn competitive. We polled our editors to find out if it’s ever a good idea to lose on purpose.
Summer Home Maintenance Checklist
Tackle our summer home maintenance checklist now and you'll be free to relax and enjoy the sun all season long.
10 Great Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything
Looking for a present for a friend who already has it all? One of our 10 gifts for someone who has everything might be perfect.
9 Fun Things to Do in Miami with Kids
Our top picks for fun things to do in Miami keep the little ones in mind to ensure one heck of a happy vacay.
Adventure Vacations to Spice up Your Travel Plans
Jungles. Mountains. Shipwrecks. Deserts. Our top choices for adventure vacations have it all.
5 Escape Room Tips from a Guy Who Designs Them
Bryce Anderson designs escape rooms, which means he's the perfect person to dish the escape room tips you'll need to win.
A San Diego Vacation That'll Make The Whole Family Happy
From exploring the country's best zoo to kayaking through caves, this San Diego vacation will entertain everyone.
OLD 7 Rainy Day Activities for Kids
When your outdoor fun is ruined by the weather, try one of these 7 rainy day activities that will get you out of the house, but keep you dry indoors.
Three Ways to Go Luxury Camping
You don't have to sleep on the ground to get close to nature. Cozy up in a cabin rental, hit the road in a fancy RV, or ease into camping with glamping.
16 Non Touristy Things to Do in LA
There are plenty of cool places to go in LA. But if you want to experience the city like a local, check out these 16 spots.
14 of The Best Non Touristy Things to Do in NYC
When it comes to non touristy things to do in NYC, no one knows better than the locals—so we asked them.
Non-Touristy Things to Do in Chicago: A 3-Day Itinerary
Play Whirlyball, eat thin-crust(!) pizza, and try other top things to do in Chicago that aren't just for tourists.
12 Non Touristy Things to Do in Seattle
We talked to locals to learn the best non touristy things to do in Seattle, from navigating Lake Washington to drinking a Seattle brew.
12 Non Touristy Things to Do in New Orleans
Our three-day travel guide can help you experience NOLA like a local, whether you want to take a yoga class or dine at a famed hole-in-the-wall joint.
Chicago's Top Children's Museums
Parks and playgrounds are great, but kids can learn about the world around them while playing at a Chicago children's museum
Mini-Golf Tips from a Putt-Putt Pro
Want to learn how to play mini golf? From tips on choosing the best putter to avoiding hazards, our Putt-Putt pro will teach you how to win at mini golf.
Our Best Experience Gifts, According to Customers
If you're tired of giving the same-old gifts, browse our list of the best experiential gift ideas. You might find a winner—and create a lasting memory.