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  • Raven Film Center
    The typical movie theater greets guests with a wave of popcorn smell, but there's more going on in the air at Raven Film Center. You might pick up the aroma of smoked German sausage, cheese bubbling inside quesadillas, or Costeaux Bakery bread toasting in the panini press. In addition to gastropub-style eats, the concessions bar offers international and local beers, sold by the draft and bottle, and wines by the glass, bottle, or even half-bottle. The main attraction, of course, is still what's flickering across the little neon-lit theater's four screens. On any given week, you'll find the newest releases from legendary talents such as Tim Burton and Meryl Streep playing alongside other indie and art-house films and previews broadcast directly from the future.
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    415 Center Street
    Healdsburg, CA US
  • Roxy Stadium 14
    The independently owned Roxy Stadium 11 regales patrons with the flickering pictures and digital sounds of the latest blockbusters and the sizable snack bar. A colorful lobby greets guests as they meander past towering pillars that stretch toward an arched ceiling swathed in neon lights and bold swaths of royal blue. Aisles of cushioned auditorium seats allow moviegoers to choose the spot closest to the screen or furthest from the person sobbing emphatically during coming attractions. High-tech projectors digitally unspool films in each theater, with RealD 3-D technology transmitting some flicks in three vibrant dimensions. To silence distracting mid-movie hunger pangs, staffers in the concessions area whip up fresh batches of Orville Redenbacher popcorn and Nathan's hot dogs alongside other traditional theater fare.
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    85 Santa Rosa Ave.
    Santa Rosa, CA US
  • Dealflicks
    Did you know that, on average, 88% of the seats in a movie theater remain empty during a showing? According to the New York Times, this phenomenon really surprised Sean Wycliffe a few years back when he went to see the Oscar-winning film The King's Speech and shared the theater with only two other audience members. With all the focus on online video services, Sean realized movie theaters were being overlooked, and came up with a concept that could help movie houses fill their empty seats. His brainchild became Dealflicks, a website that offers customers discounted tickets (sometimes with popcorn or soda) for same-day showings. Customers shop a selection of deals, each of which is specific to a particular film, theater, and showtime, and upon purchase, receive an email voucher they present at the theater's ticket counter. Dealflicks is partnered with theaters around the country, particularly independent and neighborhood venues, such as the treehouse of the enterprising kid down the street.
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    476 First Street East
    Sonoma, CA US
  • Esquire IMAX Theatre
    The Esquire IMAX Theatre is located at 1211 K Street in Sacramento, California and they offer an exceptional theater experience to movie goers. IMAX has been around for many years but has evolved to where today they have the ability to show today’s Hollywood blockbusters using IMAX technology. This means that moviegoers can enjoy a truly amazing and powerful entertainment experience. The Esquire shows all the latest popular films each week, so please visit their website for show times. The theater is also made available for special events such as a product launch, corporate meeting, birthday party or any occasion where you’re looking for a unique and memorable venue. For more information about choosing the Esquire IMAX Theatre, visit their website.
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    1211 K St
    Sacramento, CA US
  • Regal Natomas Marketplace 16
    Oh, what to do on a cold rainy weekend? Maybe it’s Christmas afternoon and you’re not in the mood to sit and stare at your family? Head to the movies! Also known as one of the most All-American experience next to baseball and apple pie. At Regal Natomas Marketplace 16, you will be treated with a fantastic movie experience. Settle in to their comfortable cushiony stadium-style seats with your re-fillable jumbo popcorn, and escape your world. The sound and visual systems at Regal Natomas Marketplace are top-notch excellent. Enjoy a crystal clear movie-watching experience in a comfortable setting at Regal Natomas, where you’re sure to find something fun to see!
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    3561 Truxel Rd
    Sacramento, CA US
  • Tower Theater
    The Tower Theater is a house of indie theatrical and cinematic art in Sacramento, California. Featuring mostly smaller-budget movies and lesser-known troupes, it’s the perfect place to uncover new talent. The Tower provides all the right incentives to attract the sort of crowds that would find their movies and plays enjoyable: their tickets are affordable and they offer free popcorn and refills for students on Mondays. They also have seasonal tickets at marked-down prices that are almost guaranteed to land you a seat in the front row. This place is a beacon of culture and class, perfect for impressing a date or enjoying an evening with loved ones.
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    2508 Land Park Drive
    Sacramento, CA US

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