Paintball in Cottonwood

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  • Cowtown Paintball
    Cowtown Paintball's central staging area lets patrons watch the action in several areas at one time, from rapid-fire games on green speed-ball fields dotted with obstacles to rec-ball sessions playing out within an urban desert theme. Paintballers seek shelter behind abandoned cars and a stack of metal drums, or hide within a plywood structure adorned with a black skull and crossbones, rumored to be a ship beached by the world’s worst pirates. The fields also host advanced camps and events such as zombie-apocalypse scenarios, where paintballs keep the mythical undead at bay.
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    10402 W Carefree Highway Blvd.
    Peoria, AZ US
  • Westworld Paintball Center
    A flurry of paintballs whiz through the air, splattering their targets with brightly colored pigment. Players at the outdoor Buckeye Xtreme Sports can find cover in the midst of the desert landscape behind bunkers, haystacks, or in fox holes. The location boasts two large fields and on-site CO2 and compressed-air filling stations, and nocturnal players can enjoy nighttime matches during the summer on Friday & Saturday nights from 7pm – 11pm and also on Sunday mornings from 6am – 11am! Located in the Sonoran Desert, the outdoor Old-West themed Splatter Ranch location features two sprawling fields across 20 acres of natural terrain. This location is set in an Old West theme complete with towers, obstacles and natural playing space. Splatter Ranch also provides CO2 and compressed-air filling stations. Beat the high noon sun and enjoy early morning Summer games, every Saturday and Sunday, 6am – 11am!
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    4240 W Camelback Rd
    Phoenix, AZ US
  • Tempe Paintball
    Tempe Paintball's 24,000-square-foot indoor arena hosts rounds of rec ball—military-inspired play among ruined buildings, oil barrels, and other obstacles. Arriving at the compound, paintballers lease markers, face-protecting masks, and pigment-loaded pellets for friendly combat or for spraying Kick Me on enemies’ backs. As referees oversee the game, players search for vantage points among ruined buildings or take part in skirmishes between oil barrels. For an additional fee, shooters can rent supplementary equipment such as a chest or neck protector or can hoard extra paintballs to finally settle old sudoku scores.
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    1401 S McClintock Dr.
    Tempe, AZ US
  • Paintball USA Tickets
    Just as the founding fathers united the original colonies into a single nation, so too did the founders of Paintball USA Tickets bring together an entire country?where constant warfare of the brightly colored, just-for-fun variety is guaranteed. The company partners with over 60 of the top fields across America, supplying millions of customers with passes for paintball markers, full-day field access, and safety gear. The only hard part for customers may be picking a destination.
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    10402 West Carefree Highway
    Pheonix, AZ US
  • Fightertown Paintball Park
    Freshly splattered paint drips down the mazelike barricades and buildings that speckle Fightertown Paintball Park's two large fields, each of which pose their own scenarios and challenges. Players in full complements of rental or personal gear dive behind abandoned buildings in the urban landscape of Field 1, seeking advantageous flanking positions and picnicking sites by sneaking through the streets. Players deploying onto Field 2 descend into fox holes and trench combat, which teams can navigate by communicating through secret messages composed of paint splatters. The arenas host open-play sessions as well as long scenario events.
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    9825 N 121st Ave.
    El Mirage, AZ US
  • Paintball International
    As a conglomerate of paintball facilities, Paintball International is a one-stop shop for weekend warriors seeking some chromatic outdoor combat. Partnering with fields across the country, the company helps players live out their battlefield fantasies, whether they're sneaking up on an enemy installation, executing tactic strategies, or painting Water Lilies on the chest of a charging opponent. All parks are individually owned and operated.
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    10402 W. Carefree Hwy
    Peoria, AZ US

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